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Renault Austral: Popular SUV Kadjar In renewed name

Derived from the Latin “australis”, Austral is a word that resonates in many European languages, including French, an important aspect for a brand proud of its roots.

Sylvia Dos Santos, Strategy Naming Model Manager at Renault’s Global Marketing Department, explained that “Austral ”evokes the vitality and warmth of the southern hemisphere. It is a name that invites you to travel and is perfect for an SUV. Its phonetics are harmonious, balanced, and easy to pronounce by anyone because we want it to be international ”.
According to Renault officials, Austral will be the new offer of the French brand in the category of compact SUVs, offering new connected technologies and driving pleasure. The future model will be able to comfortably carry up to five passengers and has a length of 4.51 m.

Thus, Renault continues its offensive to regain the C (compact) segment, an offensive that began with the launch of Arkana and, soon, with Mégane E-TECH Electric.

Renault Austral will replace Kadjar in the Renault range and will be unveiled to the public in the spring of 2022.

Renault’s name process for its models has changed over the years. For many decades, Renault vehicle names began with the letter “R” (from Renault) followed by a number. However, throughout the brand’s history, most models have had real names.

Renault Austral

Real names have a much bigger impact because the meaning behind the name evokes an emotional response. No brand that seeks to create connections with its customers should forget this, according to Sylvia Dos Santos.

In addition, real names create the opportunity to experiment with different lengths and sounds.

Some names have gone beyond specific concepts and models to go down in automotive history. For example, Espace (meaning “space” in French) is a very appropriate name for such a spacious vehicle, while Twingo is a very powerful name, imposing a dynamic feel.

The name you hear when a vehicle is launched is the result of many years of thinking and research. There are several key moments on which Renault is focusing its efforts on striking the right balance between the name of the new vehicle, the identity, and the target audience, as well as the values ​​and personality of the brand. Renault’s marketing, design, product, and legal teams work closely together and, in some cases, rely on the agencies’ expertise.

In 2005, Renault registered Austral, a name that meets several key nomenclature criteria.

The name has a special meaning, provokes an emotional response, and reflects the positioning of the vehicle as a C-segment SUV that is ready to face any challenge. With two A vowels and the consonant “STR” in the middle, the word is built around a harmonious balance of “easy to pronounce” and “clear” sounds, evoking the power and control of the SUV.

Renault Austral

Finally, the name ties in nicely with the strategy and brand identity, as Renault seeks to maintain a modern brand image that radiates warmth, cares about people, and prioritizes their needs.

Sylvia Dos Santos, the Strategy Manager Naming Model, considers that Austral comes with a fresh impulse and opens the door to the era of “Nouvelle Vague” announced by Luca de Meo, encapsulates the alchemy of the images it evokes, of the sounds around which it is built, of the product itself and the brand.

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