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Production of the Toyota bZ3 begins. An attractive electric saloon with a price from 25,000 euros

A few hours ago, Toyota confirmed the start of production of a new electric car. Its about toyota bz3. A collaboration with the local manufacturer BYD, which represents an important step forward for the Japanese that put a fairly competitive model on the market in terms of design, performance, and price.

As we remember, the bZ3 is a compact saloon slightly larger than the Tesla Model 3. With its 4.72 meters longthis model wants to become a design alternative and with all the support of the world’s leading car manufacturer, which is already beginning to reach dealers for its first deliveries.

Its worked aerodynamics allows it to announce a coefficient of just 0.218, a truly outstanding figure that will guarantee high efficiency, thereby reducing consumption and improving its autonomy.

Toyota bZ3: technical characteristics

The bZ3 uses the e-TNGA modular platform, the same one that we can find in the bZ4X. Its BYD-sourced batteries may have two capacities. A basic of 49.9 kWhwhich provide a range of 517 kilometers CLTC, while the second reaches the 65.2 kWhwhich take you up to 616 km approved.

These batteries are manufactured by BYD, and are made up of LFP (lithium iron phosphate) Blade cells. A chemistry that has become key for the manufacturers of the Asian giant, which offers benefits such as a long useful life and high safety rates. Toyota claims that after ten years, the pack will retain 90% of its capacity.

toyota bz3

Toyota has even launched an offer for the first customers, which consists of achieving free maintenance for 200,000 kilometers or 10 yearsin addition to a free roadside assistance service, and also a free charging point for the home.

As for the propulsion system, also manufactured by BYD, it has a power of 135 kW (184 hp) and 303 Nm, which propel it up to an electronically limited top speed of a maximum of 160 km/h, and up to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds.

Toyota bZ3: prices

Undoubtedly after seeing its design and features, the price is at least striking. And it is that the bZ3 starts in China at 189,800 yuan, which in exchange is barely €25,800. For its part, the version with greater autonomy does so at 219,800 yuan, €29,880.

Something that places it in both cases below the Tesla Model 3, which in China is priced from 229,900 yuan (31,252 euros) for the access version that in that market is the Long Range Dual Motor, and which has a range of 556 km CLTC.

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