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Porsche prepares an electric crossover over the Cayenne

For years, there have been many rumors that pointed to the hypothetical development of a Porsche SUV located above the Cayenne. Its two best-selling models today are in fact the Macan and Cayenne.Therefore, the launch of a model with these characteristics could make a lot of sense in markets such as China or the United States.

Today’s Porsche range consists of six models: 718 (Cayman / Boxster) and 911 sports cars, Taycan (E segment) and Panamera (F segment) saloons, and the aforementioned Macan (D segment) and Cayenne (E segment) SUVs. Some sources indicate that the German firm would be interested in expanding its offer of sedans with the launch of a smaller proposal than the Taycan; in addition, a hypercar heir to the 959 / Carrera GT / 918 Spyder should also be added later.

However, despite the confusing information provided by some American dealers of the brand, at the moment Porsche is not working on an SUV over the Cayenne, but on a crossover electric that will become your new flagship.

This model is being developed under the umbrella of «Landjet project», which is being undertaken by Audi’s Artemis division and will lead to three F-segment models: the production version of the Audi Grandsphere Concept and two twins marketed respectively with the Bentley and Porsche logos.

Porsche’s crossover is being developed with Artemis

The truth is that the Grandsphere Concept is a crossover, but not the type that is most abundant in our market: normally the crossover they are a cross between a passenger car and an SUV, while the Audi prototype mixes the features of a saloon, a station wagon and a coupe. We can expect the Porsche proposal to follow the same steps.

All three models are expected to sit on the modular PPE platform, jointly developed by Audi and Porsche. This architecture will allow them to overcome 700 km WLTP autonomy; Plus, they’ll enjoy an 800-volt electrical system and a full arsenal of advanced driver aids. Its launch is scheduled for the year 2025.

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