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Porsche plans to “very steeply” increase the production rate of the Taycan

Lutz MeschkePorsche’s chief financial officer, has announced that the company is preparing to increase the production rate of the Taycan “very sharply” as it resolves the current bottleneck in the supply of high-voltage glow plugs, which has caused its sales fell 3.4% year-on-year during the first quarter.

Due to the installation of a series of faulty glow plugs in a limited number of units of the Taycan, Porsche has prioritized its replacementwhich has directly affected the manufacturing rate. “The focus in the first quarter for the Taycan was to deliver [calentadores de alto voltaje] spare part for our customers.

Demand for the Taycan continues to be very strong globally, so possibly in the coming months deliveries will skyrocket. Despite the problems experienced on the production line of its (so far) only electric car, Porsche delivered 80,767 cars between January and March, an 18% year-on-year increase that is largely explained by the success of the Macans. and Cayenne.

“We are now in a very steep acceleration curve together with our supplier when it comes to the high-voltage heating system and therefore we expect our share of electric car sales to increase in the coming months. We are very confident in reaching the [objetivo] 12-14% for the whole year«. In other words, Porsche expects the Taycan to account for up to 14% of its sales during 2023, compared to 11.4% in the first quarter.

Porsche Taycan and 911

Porsche prepares for large-scale electrification

Porsche aspires to BEVs [Battery Electric Vehicles] account for 80% of its sales by 2030. With this goal in mind, the Stuttgart firm will electrify the bulk of its range in the coming yearsleaving the long-lived 911 as the only model with internal combustion engines in its offer.

In 2024, Porsche will launch the Macan electricity, to which will be added in 2025 the 718 Cayman/Boxster. He Cayenne will follow in his footsteps in 2026, while the Panamera electric (which will share development with the second generation Taycan) will be released in 2028.

In addition, the manufacturer is also preparing an electric SUV larger than the Cayenne, although its presentation date remains a mystery. While the Macan and Cayenne will make use of the platform PPEthe next Taycan and Panamera will use the most advanced SSP sports. The 718 for its part will be based on a dedicated architecture.

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