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Polestar 3: everything we know about the new SUV

Based on the new generation of the Volvo XC90, the unprecedented Polestar 3 SUV takes shape as some of the most interesting official data is revealed.

Little by little, the range of cars from Polestar, Volvo’s new premium, sports and luxury division, is taking shape. After the already announced Polestar 1 and Polestar 2, the next vehicle for which we have just learned more official data is the Polestar 3, a large luxury SUV that will share a technical platform with the new generation of the Volvo XC90.

The brand’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, has recently revealed some really interesting details to the British media. In this additional information, the head of the firm has confirmed that the new Polestar 3 will have an interior configured with two rows of seats despite its large size, thus refuting the previous hypothesis that indicated that it could have three rows for a total of six or seven seats, depending on the market in which it is marketed.

The factory that Volvo/Polestar has in South Carolina (United States) will be the place where the new Polestar 3 will be assembled, sharing an assembly line with the Volvo S60 and the new generation Volvo XC90, a model with which it will share a good number of “technical genes”. Regarding the XC90, the new Polestar 3 will be even more exclusive and, also, with more powerful versions.

Polestar 3

The type of technology that will drive the new Polestar 3 will be one hundred percent electric and may have versions with a single electric motor or with two motors (all-wheel drive), adapting, therefore and according to the CEO of the firm, to tastes and the possible needs of drivers from different countries of the world.

Over the next few months, this new luxury SUV will continue to be fine-tuned and the latest unofficial information ensures that the production vehicle should begin marketing at the end of 2022-early 2023.

In addition to this new SUV, the Polestar range will feature new cars with other types of bodywork. ” I believe in a world where everyone is not happy with a dish “, said the CEO of the brand. “ That would be very boring. Most restaurants try to cater to different tastes, and being an SUV-only brand would be scary to me,” added Ingenlath.

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