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Peugeot 408 2023: Officially confirmed!

According to the information published on Peugeot’s official site, the new 408 has been officially confirmed. We pass on what we know. Peugeot continues to test the SUV-type plug-in hybrid sedan that we could see weeks ago. According to its design philosophy and proportions, it is a model that can be called the Peugeot 408.

One of the most peculiar models that Peugeot has hinted at in its last few years as a manufacturer has once again been hunted on the street. It is a plug-in hybrid car that will come in the form of a crossover saloon, and for now, it is not clear what its name will be.

As the new spy photos that accompany these lines reveal, the lion’s signature stands out from what has been seen so far in its history, with an exterior design of atypical proportions and size based on what the brand has launched so far.

In the new batch of images, it is easier to appreciate the proportions and design of the new model, and some very characteristic features of the bodywork are much clearer. Among them, is the beltline, which begins at the headlight itself and runs along the entire side of the vehicle to the rear in a very marked way (it is even offset from the vertical marked by the windows). At the rear, this rib gives rise to a slight third volume, which is what gives it the proportions of a sedan.

Peugeot 408 2023

It is undeniable to think, given the size, proportions, and potential focus of the model, in the recently presented Citroën C5 X and its plug-in hybrid version, since both boast a similar format as they are passenger cars in sedan format but resort to solutions aesthetics more typical of an SUV, such as ground clearance or wheel arch and bumper protection.

However, everything indicates that Peugeot will place the new model one step below the C5 X and that it will take the EMP2 platform as a technical base, which is the same used by the rest of the compact Stellantis models, such as Peugeot itself. 308 or the Opel Astra or DS4.

Since it is not a full SUV, but it does make use of aesthetic resources typical of one of them, it is to be expected that Peugeot will opt for a three-digit nomenclature attached to some tagline similar to “Cross”, such as 308 Cross or 408 Cross, with which to distinguish it from four-digit SUV-type models such as the 3008 or 5008

The highly anticipated car will be officially introduced at the end of June 2022.

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