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Peugeot 2008 2023: Review, Photos & Engine

Since 2013, the  Peugeot 2008 has tried to conquer the crossover utility segment with its SUV aesthetics, the modularity of a minivan and the practicality of a family car – more than 585,000 units have been produced worldwide. It is based on the  Peugeot 208 , but the characteristic that most defines it is that it has a higher ground clearance than that of the utility vehicle.

That allows better mobility off the asphalt that, together with its body protections (more aesthetic than anything else), place it as a rival to other ‘crossovers’ in the segment, such as the Nissan Juke or the Renault Captur. Its renewed image highlights its pronounced wheel arches, its vertical radiator grille, and its bumpers with protections, which are joined using the sills and the wheel arches.

Likewise, the undulating roof, the wave-shaped chrome profile, the roof bars, the tailgate trim, the spoiler and the headlights with black and chrome trim with luminous claws in 3D effect do not go unnoticed. Its bodywork adopts the new colors ‘Ultimate Red’, launched on the 308 GTi, and ‘Emerald Crystal’. In this way, you can now choose between nine tones,

Inside, the biggest novelty is in the ‘Peugeot i-Cockpit’, made up of a highly illuminated digital instrument panel and a small steering wheel. According to Peugeot, it allows a more relaxed driving position, thanks to a better opening of the arms and a lower position of the hands. A quilted leather steering wheel is available as an option, as are the gear lever gaiter, the handbrake handle, and the door armrests. It also has a ‘Head-Up Display’, a small screen located behind the steering wheel on which a lot of valuable information is projected to the driver.

peugeot 2008 2023

Connectivity is embodied by the ‘Mirror Screen’ function, which allows mirroring of the smartphone screen (compatible with the ‘MirrorLink’ or ‘Apple CarPlay’ function). It has a seven-inch screen on which all the functions of the infotainment system can be operated. The new finish ‘GT Line’It offers a sporty interior in which the color red and black are combined, an ‘association’ present in several models of the brand. The new model can be equipped with a glass and panoramic roof or with laser polishing and backlighting. Peugeot has provided the 2008 passenger compartment with numerous storage spaces totaling 24 liters: glove box, tray and cup holder near the gear lever, the closed compartment in the console, pockets on the backs of the front seats…

peugeot 2008 2023

And speaking of space, the cargo has 410 liters, which can be expanded to 1,400 by folding down the backrests of the rear seats (1/3-3/2). This action can be carried out by simply pressing a button located on the upper part of the backrest. The trunk has hooks to hold objects and two side compartments, one with a tie-down strap and the other with a holding net. In addition, the upholstery of the trunk hides an additional space of 22 liters.

The ‘Grip Control’ adapted traction system is available in both diesel and petrol engines with powers from 100CV, with manual or automatic gearbox and come with ‘Mud & Snow’ (M&S) ‘Goodyear Vector 4Seasons’ tires with 16″ or 17″. With it, it is possible to circulate on complicated terrain thanks to its driving modes: ‘Standard’, for normal adherence; ‘Snow’, which adapts each of the front wheels to the adhesion conditions; ‘Todocamino’, which allows you to move on slippery terrain through mud, wet grass… and is active up to 80 km/h; ‘Arena’, which simultaneously maintains slippage on both drive wheels; and ‘ESP Off’, which leaves the driver the option of completely disengaging stability control and ‘Grip Control’ at speeds below 50 km/h.

peugeot 2008 2023

The new Peugeot 2008 is available with the levels: ‘Access’, ‘Active’, ‘Allure’ and ‘GT Line’. The latter is new and has a sportier look thanks to diamond-cut wheels in glossy black, black elements replacing the elegant chrome, stainless steel exhaust outlet, and red ‘GT Line’ logos. This color is also visible on the edges of the mats, the surrounds of the ‘Head-Up Display’ and the stitching of the front seats, the rear bench seat, the door armrests, the gaiter, and the gear lever knob, the handbrake handle, and the steering wheel. Features a range of ‘ PureTech’ and ‘BlueHDi’ engines that seeks, above all, efficiency.

peugeot 2008 2023

In gasoline, it has a 1.2 and 1.6 with powers ranging from 82 to 130CV. The ‘e-versions are also offered, which add the ‘Start-Stop’ system as standard. All versions have a five-speed manual gearbox, except for the most powerful that mounts the six. In addition, the basic model is offered with a five-speed manual gearbox. On the diesel side, all available variants of the renewed 2008 are ‘e-HD, that is, they have an automatic start and stop system.

It is the same 1.6 liter with two different scales of power: 92 and 115CV. Both are linked to a six-speed manual transmission and, in the case of the 92CV engine, you can also opt for a six-speed piloted manual. Connectivity and safety are also important assets in the Peugeot 2008, as evidenced by the ‘Mirror Screen’ technology, based on the ‘MirrorLink’ and ‘Apple CarPlay’ protocols, which allow smartphone applications to be replicated on the seven-point touch screen. inches that chair the dashboard; the ‘Active City Brake’, the ‘Park Assist’ or the rearview camera.

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