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Opel Insignia 2024: Will It Be the Next Generation Suv?

The saloons exhaust their days in the market. All the information also indicates that the next Opel Insignia will become a crossover. Like the Ford Mondeo, the Citroën C5…

Of course, the car market is reinventing itself . The time for minivans and sedans ran out commercially a long time ago, and its few members are disappearing… or mutating into SUV or crossover vehicles in their new generations. This is what has happened to the Citroen C5 , today C5 X ; This is what will happen in a short time to Ford Mondeo and Renault Scénic … and what will presumably happen to the next generation of the Opel Insignia .

Updated a few months ago , the sedan appears to have a full two or three years left before its next generation hits the market. But, this one, everything indicates that it will be very different. This is already assured by the prestigious British medium Auto Express , guaranteeing that in 2024 the model will debut a crossover body to compete with the aforementioned Citroën C5 X and Ford Mondeo.

Although its derivation in the Buick brand has even disappeared, the Opel Insignia will continue like this on the market but with a somewhat elevated bodywork that brings it closer to the SUV aesthetic , to also add more versatility and multipurpose capacity to the car. The model, therefore, will promise more interior space as well and higher cargo space, with seats in a higher position and in general greater modularity

Opel Insignia 2024

Opel Insignia 2024: Also With a 100% Electric Version?

According to these same sources, the new Opel Insignia 2024 could be developed from the eVMP platform that it would also share with the replacements of the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 . If this news is confirmed, it would almost certainly mean that this new model would also include a 100% electric version with different battery options and ranges of between 320 and 600 kilometers.

The new Opel Insignia would offer a power level between 135 and 335 hp , also offering combustion engines. And it is that the eVMP platform is based on the reworking of the current EMP2, so it also supports all types of modern and traditional propulsion systems. Of course, conventional diesel and gasoline versions are no longer expected, but combustion engines complemented by electric drives to offer different plug-in hybrid variants.

At the moment, this is all the advanced information about the future Opel Insignia 2024. We will have to wait to know the official position of the brand, but already knowing the market trend and the manufacturers, and the source that now announces this future, no we have doubts that when the river sounds…

Rendering; Autobild

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