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Opel Astra vs Ford Focus: Comparisons and Reviews

The new generation of the Opel Astra and the renewed Ford Focus in its 2022 range face each other in a fast-paced duel of compact cars from the C segment. We analyze them.

New generations of the VW Golf, Seat León, Hyundai i30, Audi A3, Peugeot 308, restyling or updating of the Kia Ceed … since 2020, the C segment of compact cars has seen renowned developments. Due to its typology and its characteristics and despite the “boom” of SUVs, this type of compact car continues to be a type of vehicle “desirable” for the general public, hence the various manufacturers focus much of their efforts on renovating this type of car.

At the moment, much of the news is covered by the newly arrived new generation of the Opel Astra, the seventh installment of the popular German vehicle, a worthy successor to the legendary Kadett of the German firm. In this article, we pit this all-new Astra against the recently updated Ford Focus, one of its direct rivals.

New Opel Astra, With “genes” of the Peugeot 308 but With Its German Spirit

Opel Astra

Stellantis Group has launched two real competitors in the C segment of compact cars. It stylishly introduced the next-generation Peugeot 308 in 2021, and this year it just started 2022, launching the seventh generation of the Opel Astra. Both models, the Astra and 308, share technical elements, but Opel’s executives wanted to give their icons a well-defined personality.

From a commercial point of view, the first versions of the Astra VII that are available belong to the 5-door hatchback variant, although somewhat later in 2022 the range will be completed with the arrival of the Sports Tourer family version. . In the case of the already announced 5-door body, it grows slightly compared to the previous one, with a length of 4.37 m, a width of 1.86 m and a height of 1.47 m.

In its mechanical range, we can find two interesting and efficient plug-in hybrid versions of 180 and 225 CV and in both cases the announced purely electric autonomy should be around 60 km (these two plug-in versions would receive the ZERO environmental label from the DGT ). On the other hand, the mechanical offer is completed with a 110 and 130 hp gasoline engine (the three-cylinder 1.2T), while in diesel you can only choose the 130 hp 1.5D engine.

Onboard, the driving position is completely digitized by offering two large screens next to each other, oriented towards the driver and from which a multitude of information related to vehicle information, navigation, and the different options can be accessed. entertainment and connectivity.

In terms of safety and driving assistance systems, the Astra 2022 incorporates the most innovative technologies, among which the semi-assisted overtaking system stands out, a complement to adaptive cruise control with lane-keeping and stop&go systems.

Ford Focus 2022: a “Face-up” More Than Complete

Ford Focus

In the increasingly fierce “war” in the compact segment, Ford has also prepared its representative, the Focus, for a tough battle. In this way, the oval signature vehicle debuts various changes in terms of design and equipment.

On an aesthetic level, the new hood stands out, which increases the height of the front and provides a greater visual presence. In this front area, the relocation of the oval logo also stands out, now in the center of the upper grille.

In terms of equipment, one of the great novelties in the 2022 Focus range is the incorporation of the new fourth-generation SYNC 4 multimedia information, entertainment, navigation, and connectivity system equipped with a new larger central screen (on this occasion, up to 13.2 inches in size).

About safety and driving assistance systems, the new and improved blind spot control assistant system stands out, with a new function, since in addition to controlling and monitoring the driver’s blind spot in search of cars approaching from behind, you can apply a slight counter-steering to warn the driver and discourage a lane-change maneuver.

As for engines, the American firm has not announced any major developments in this regard. The most relevant novelty is the possibility of being able to combine the 125 and 155 CV 1.0 EcoBoost petrol versions with 48V micro-hybrid technology with the seven-speed Powershift automatic transmission (the 100 and 125 CV 1.0 EcoBoost petrol engines are also available without micro hybridization system On the other hand, for those who prefer diesel, you can continue to choose the 1.5 EcoBlue in power levels of 95 and 120 CV Finally, for lovers of sportiness and performance, the Focus range will continue to have the ST version, in this case, with a gasoline engine2.3 turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost with 280 hp and 420 Nm of torque.

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