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Opel Astra 2023: Facelift, Review & Photos

The new Opel Astra will debut in September, a new generation of the compact that bets on a completely new design. For the first time, the range will be expanded with a crossover variant. For now known as Opel Astra Cross, it will debut in 2023.

The crossover is a category of the market that has emerged as an intermediate step between a compact and SUV. Manufacturers know they are a gold mine, so there is no cannibalism between these two bodies. On the contrary, it is a more attractive source of income than the traditional compact.

The KIA Xceed gives a good account of this, and with the new generation of the Opel Astra that will debut in September, Opel will continue that same line with a differentiated model that will be positioned between it and the Grandland. A future model that will complete the Astra range in 2023 – it will be presented in the autumn of 2022 – and that we anticipate you in this recreation.

The Opel Astra Cross will complete the range

The Opel Astra Cross 2023 is known internally as “OV54”, and will be presented with a five-door body, with a differentiated design from the compact base, so it will have nothing to do with the Astra Sports Tourer that will arrive in spring 2022 the Thunderbolt brand intends to print a more sporty and seductive style on the rear, so it is expected that a more coupe shape, with a more pronounced curvature of the roofline.

Opel Astra 2023

Up to the front doors, the design will be common, sporting the “Vizor” grille that also integrates the new slimmer headlights, and the more modern rear design will also be maintained. A higher body-to-ground clearance, wheel arches with black plastic guards, side skirts, and roof bars will be distinctive details of this model, as will the typical aluminum crankcase and exhaust guards.

Although the interior will also be the same, some special details are expected. Stellantis, owner of the lightning brand, will not forget a very complete range of engines either, so the offer will include mechanics for gasoline, diesel, and two hybrids, one plug-in with up to 225 HP, all front-wheel drive. Photo Credit; motor.es

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