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Opel Astra 2022 vs Toyota Corolla

Much expectation has generated the sixth and new generation of the Opel Astra, a compact car segment C with which the Stellantis Automotive Group wants to elevate its models in this category (the other great pillar is the Peugeot 308) to the highest place. The task will not be easy at all, since the competitors are many and varied: VW Golf, Seat Leon, Hyundai i30, Kia Ceed and … of course, the Toyota Corolla, the model that the Astra VI faces in this article.

Now him Astra VI can be considered “cousin-brother” of the Peugeot 308, since both models share a multitude of structural elements as a result of the common technical platform on which they are developed (the EMP2 architecture). Talking about registrations in our country, the best placed so far 2021 is the Toyota Corolla, by occupying the seventh place in the global ranking. Regarding the new Astra, it has not yet reached the dealerships -the first deliveries to customers are scheduled for the first weeks of January 2022-, but its new generation will surely attract a good number of potential customers.


The Exterior dimensions of both models in the five-door hatchback body version are quite similar (Toyota also markets the sedan version, the Touring Sports estate variant, and the Trek “off-the-road” body, while Opel is also expected to announce a Sports Tourer station wagon version in the near future.) On length, both Astra and Corolla measure the same (4.37 m), although the German car has a wheelbase 4 cm longer than its opponent (2.68 m versus 2.64 m). Refering to height of the bodywork, the German car measures 1.47 m compared to the 1.44 m of the Japanese model, while in width it is the Opel vehicle that wins the game (1.86 m compared to 1.79 m). As to load capacity in the trunk, for the Astra VI a volume of 372 liters is announced in its versions with a heat engine (in the plug-in hybrid variants the volume should be somewhat lower), while for the Corolla the official load capacity is 313 liters.

opel astra 2022 6 1 1000x575

From an aesthetic point of view, both models offer a modern look with many sporty overtones. In the case of the Opel model, it sports the new logo of the firm and the new front Vizor characteristic of the brand’s latest launches, while seen in profile it is distinguished by its shark fin-shaped rear pillar.

In the case of Corolla, its exterior image It is distinguished by the dynamic combination of flat and curved lines, with an aggressive-style front end and sharp-looking headlamps. Both the Japanese and German models will be able to offer an even more sporty and youthful design thanks to their GS Line (for the Astra) and GR Sport (for the Corolla) equipment lines.


On board, the sixth installment of the German car features the new Pure Panel interior concept, with two juxtaposed 10-inch digital screens that give it a certain touch more technological than the Toyota model. The digital instrumentation of the latter can have a “3D effect” and is limited to a 7-inch screen, while the screen of the multimedia system is 8 inches and its software and different functions are somewhat “outdated” than what the system offers. Opel model.

toyota corolla 2021 1 1000x575


The Astra VI’s mechanical range is much wider and more varied than the one currently offered by the Corolla. For him German vehicle announces two new 180 and 225 hp plug-in hybrid versions, as well as two 110 and 130 hp 1.2 turbo three-cylinder petrol engines and a 130 hp 1.5D diesel.

In the case of the compact of the Japanese firm, Toyota bets everything on its more than popular self-charging hybrid technology and in the case of the Corolla you can choose in power levels of 122 hp (125H version) and 184 hp (180H version).

On safety and driving assistance terms, in this chapter the two models reach high levels. In the case of Astra VI, includes driving assistance devices under the generic name of Intelli-Drive 2.0, which integrates systems such as the new cruise control (with the function of regulating speed even in cornering areas) and a semi-automatic overtaking system on certain types of road (in order for it to work, the driver must have the correct hands on the wheel). For its part, the current Corolla that is being sold includes automatic emergency braking (with detection of vehicles and pedestrians day and night; and only cyclists, but only during the day), the active cruise control and the alert for involuntary changes. rail, among others.

Finally, regarding prices announced for the Spanish market, the Astra VI offers the following rates (with brand discounts already included): between 22,700 and 38,700 euros. In the case of the Japanese model, its prices for our market range between 21,350 and 28,100 euros.

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