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Nissan Micra 2024: Will launch a new electric car

In less than 2 years, Nissan will launch a new electric compact that will replace the Micra and could receive another name. It will be based on the new electric R5 and could have 400 km of autonomy.

It’s official: Nissan will launch a new electric car in the next two years. It will not be, yes, an unprecedented model in the range, since the announcement confirms that it will replace the current Micra as an access car. Of course, it will have nothing to do with it and, although it is not yet confirmed, it may also release another name. Nissan has assured that later it will give all these details.

Meanwhile, thanks to the information also from our German colleagues at Auto Motor und Sport, at Autopista.es we can now give you some details about this next model. Nissan officially confirmed its launch yesterday as part of the Ambition 2030 event, where the entire Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi Alliance announced its plans for the future.

Within this strategy, we already know that the new Renault 5 and R4 crossover will arrive, as well as a new 7-seater SUV as a complement to the Austral, in addition to the new Mitsubishi ASX that will be manufactured in Valladolid. On the part of Nissan, the imminent arrival of the Ariya electric SUV, the e-Power electric technology to the new Qashqai and X-Trail, and, above all, the confirmation of a new electric car is confirmed. And on this, the great novelty, we focus now.

Nissan Micra 2024

This Will Be the New Nissan Compact Car

The forecast is that this new car, which will replace the current Micra, will hit the market in 2024, that is, in approximately 2 years. This model is confirmed to be designed at Nissan and to be built at Renault’s new ElectriCity center in France, a specific plant for the development and 100% electric technology of the entire Alliance.

Developed by and for Europe, this new electric compact for access to the Nissan range is created based on the Alliance’s new CMF B-EV platform, the same platform on which the launch of the next and long-awaited new electric R5 from Nissan is already being finalized. Renault, as well as new products from the French brand and Alpine.

Although no technical data is yet available on the successor to the Nissan Micra, nor the next electric R5, we can already tell you that this platform will generate models with a 100 kW powertrain and an estimated range of up to 400 kilometers, according to the new cycle of WLTP homologation.

Nissan concludes its information by assuring that it will offer more information on this new product ” in due course, including the name, the launch schedule and the technical details “. We are waiting for you!

Rendering; Motor.es

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