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First images of Honda electric scooter

Thanks to a new registration of Honda in the Japanese patent office, we have access to the first images of its new electric scooter.

By 2025, Honda plans to launch no less than 10 electric motorcycles, all of the various kinds. For this reason, it is to be expected that the Japanese firm offers a constant trickle of news with these models as protagonists. The first of all to hit the streets looks set to be a Focus electric scooter similar to the classic Vespino.

At least it will be based on the last of all the design patents registered under the authorship of Honda. Those responsible for bringing these images to light have been the British media Bike Social.

In the images that accompany the patent, an economical approach to electric scooters takes center stage, with a clear inspiration in those of the most iconic models of Honda, the Super Cub, but due to several elements, it is denoted as a more cut model. economic. All this with a design that, like the Honda Super Cub, is retro above any other style.

The proof of its economic approach is, on the one hand, that it only has space for a single passenger, the pilot, in addition to a  set of pedals with which you can get where you want when the battery charge does not. allow, or simply not use the battery, for example, in sections without a slope to face. The latter place it halfway between a bicycle and a moped-type electric scooter.

Honda electric scooter

And it is that, amid the boom in electric bicycles and with mopeds in full decline, launching a model that is located in the middle of both segments is a step that is worth trying. However, if it exceeds 250 W of nominal power, European regulations will consider the model in the images a moped, so it will not be as easy to buy and use compared to a regular electric bicycle.

In Asia, especially in China and Japan, this type of model is very popular since the regulations are much laxer in terms of restrictions, bringing this type of vehicle closer to the practicality and freedom of use that at the moment in Spain can have an electric scooter.

Honda electric scooter

For this reason, it is not entirely clear that the electric scooter that has been leaked by Honda in the patent office is a model that reaches Europe. The 10 models that the brand announced months ago are destined to be distributed throughout all the markets of the globe, so only part of them will arrive in our country, and probably the model in the images is not among them.

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