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Mini Countryman 2023: all the secrets of the new SUV

That Mini every day is less mini it is already an evidence. The range itself, with the launch in recent years of compact models such as the Clubman or the Countryman, has shown it, and it is a trend that, far from being maintained or reversed, will grow even more, and in every sense of the word. This is how we have known it in the last hours after learning that the brand, belonging to BMW, will not only launch a nBigger new CountrymanBut it is possible that an SUV from an even larger segment will also debut in the future.

But let’s go in parts. Some international media, such as Carscoopshave already photographed the first camouflaged units still in development of the new Mini Countryman 2023. Which will already be the third generation SUV It will also mean a starting point in the new strategy of the brand, showing very important news.

Built alongside the new BMW X1

The first one is that the new Mini Countryman will abandon its current production in the Netherlands to be manufactured in Germany for the first time. It will be specifically in the BMW factory in Leipzig, the first factory also to build a BMW and a Mini together, as this new Countryman will be produced alongside the next X1.

And is that the new Mini Countryman 2023 will start from the exact same base of the new X1, which BMW will launch shortly before, during 2022, and of which we have already also advance your first available data and information. Specifically, the platform to be used will be known as FAAR, an evolution of the one already presented in the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and that, in addition to these two cars, it will also serve the future generation of the BMW X2 already in development as well.

Mini Countryman 2023: almost 20 cm longer!

Another of the great novelties will be the growth expected from the new Mini Countryman. And it is that the first information that arrives from Germany today indicates that the length of the new SUV will be increased by 20 centimeters (an outrage) to achieve now, neither more nor less, than the 4.50 meters long, measures very similar to those that the new BMW X1 will wear.

This is the current Mini Countryman 2021

From the first images still with camouflaged bodywork, what can also be extracted is that, aesthetically, the new Countryman will remain faithful to the philosophy shown by Mini, retaining its characteristic floating roofand. Instantly recognizable despite its larger size, the interior also promises much more space, especially by offering more boot space and legroom for the second row of seats.

The new Mini Countryman is expected to offer a complete range of propulsion systems, since the new platform allows vehicles equipped with combustion engines, as well as plug-in hybrids and even, 100% electric models. There is no doubt that the new Countryman will also soon offer a zero emissions version, based on the current one. BMW iX already submitted too. Diesel and gasoline variants, and PHEVs, should complete a range that would crown the John Cooper Works with 2.0 TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine which will also offer the next BMW X1 M35i xDrive.

Mini E Countryman.  Illustration: Schulte.

But if you think that with this new Countryman Mini it hits the roof already, you are wrong. Through a interview at Auto Express, the company’s lead designer, Oliver Heilmer, hinted months ago that Mini could launch an even bigger vehicle: “The Countryman works quite well in terms of size, but in other markets like China or the US the expectation is different, they could imagine having something bigger. In short, there is no limitation for us. But it has to stay and feel like a Mini, but not necessarily in size.”. Time will show us.

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