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Mercedes GLC Coupe 2023: Hunted On Test Drive

After the GLC it will be the turn of his brother with a coupé body, which has just been discovered by our spy cameras.

During the last weeks, there has been a very important debut within the Mercedes house and that is that the most successful model of the company has been completely renewed, with a new generation that arrives loaded with important novelties. While we are talking about the Mercedes GLCits coupe-style brother will follow in its footsteps in this new installment, and the best proof we have with the recent images that our spies have just sent us, featuring a partially camouflaged copy.

A stylish aesthetic

Although the brand’s engineers have come a long way in terms of development tests, until now we have not had the opportunity to see the Mercedes GLC Coupe 2023 in motion, but our photographers have done a sensational job of capturing it in the vicinity of Stuttgart. If all goes according to plan, it shouldn’t take long to find out all the details of this car as it tends to be a few months behind its standard body sibling.

Although the photographed unit sports a partial camouflage in those areas more likely to be modified concerning the traditional GLC, the features of the coupé variant should not come as any surprise as it will continue to be inspired by its recently presented brother, adopting its frontal style.

The main change we will have with the silhouette since the Mercedes GLC Coupé will adopt a more elegant and aerodynamic shape, as is the case with the current generation. The controversial body style was pioneered in 2007, and the first-generation BMW X6 is generally considered the world’s first coupé SUV.

Design elements of this particular prototype include a rear ducktail spoiler, the controversial faux exhaust outlets, and a reshaped rear side window surround. The rear pilots will also change and the same will happen with more stylized bumpers.

Where changes are not expected is the interior, except for some rear seats whose dimensions will be affected, especially the space available for the occupants’ heads due to the descending line of the roof.

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2023

Only with four-cylinder engines

That said, the new generation of this SUV will be accompanied, like the aforementioned standard GLC, by important developments in the mechanical field since the star’s firm has chosen to eliminate every one of the options from the offer with six or eight cylinders in favor of more efficient engines, as in the Mercedes C-Class.

We are talking about electrified four-cylinder and 2.0-liter displacement engines, which will also feed the most performance variants, that is, the Mercedes-AMG GLC in its different steps. In this sense, the most radical option of all is expected to be a plug-in hybrid GLC 63 with more than 650 horsepower .

Mercedes GLC Coupe 2023

Although there has been little movement from the brand so far on the next-generation Mercedes GLC Coupe, it is expected to debut later this year or early next, with the first units landing in dealerships sometime this spring. Until then, we will try to keep track of this model and thus offer new illuminating images. Rendering; Auto-moto

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