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Mercedes GLC 2022: First official data of the SUV

Based on the C-Class and with part of the S-Class technology, Mercedes will put on sale the best generation of the GLC SUV, larger, more comfortable, safer, and more refined, with the possibility of rear steering, gasoline and Diesel engines, and upcoming PHEVs with up to 100 km of electric action radius.

The appointed day is approaching to launch one of the most commercially successful models for Mercedes during these last two decades, the Mercedes GLCThe third generation is considering the GLK as the origin of this range of models that in the last two decades has already harvested more than two and a half million units sold. Coded X254, Mercedes has set the bar higher than ever and has invested no less than seven million kilometers to fine-tune the perfect SUV.

According to the brand, digital and real development responds to a 35/65% ratio, covering tests to the last corner of the world, and already with the last stage under the winter cold of Arjeplog, in Lapland to finish fine-tuning the response to extreme thermal shocks and continue thoroughly testing novelties such as the new driving assistant Off-Road that will premiere the Mercedes GLC of 2022 and, of course, also the performance and motors, batteries and loads. Because yes, the Mercedes GLC will have plug-in hybrids in the range again, but now with autonomies that reach 100 km thanks and can be charged in direct current sockets at powers of up to 60 kW.

Larger and With Up to 600 Liters of Luggage Space

Mercedes GLC 2022

This new generation aims to be more ambitious than ever in quality, performance, and driving dynamics, but also in functionality. It has not yet been confirmed whether Mercedes will maintain the two bodies of the current range, the normal GLC and the GLC Coupé, but we already know that this new generation is 6 cm longer, 15 mm longer, and will offer a cargo volume of up to 50 liters larger on average than the outgoing generation. The architecture comes from the C-Class, which is also derived from the S-Class, the propulsion MRA with longitudinal engines.

Mercedes GLC 2022

And with the ambitions set on the GLC, Mercedes has not wanted to give up the air suspension optional with extra height adjustment in the Off-Road package to be able to raise the body by an additional 50 mm, nor the steering to the rear axle, with a steering angle of up to 4.5 degrees in the same direction as the front wheels at higher speeds at 60 km/h, and in the opposite direction at low speed to achieve a  turning radius of just 10.8 meters.

The steering to the rear axle is not only integrated into the driving aids to achieve more safety, driving pleasure, and dynamism, but also into other assistants such as the parking assistant, capable of calculating and adjusting the assistance of the rear steering for faster and easier maneuvering. And it is that Mercedes also seeks greater ease of use, and it is worth as an example of the incorporation of “invisible hood” technology, facilitating circulation on rough terrain.

Mercedes GLC 2022

In insecurity systems, we find technical developments that improve their operation or expand their functions, but also with better integration of warnings in the new digital system that equips the car. In the new Mercedes GCL 202, the Distronic system can now detect vehicles parked on the road traveling at speeds of up to 100 km/h, whereas previously the system was only operational up to 60 km/h. Active steering assistance to keep the vehicle in lane works up to speeds of 210 km / h but includes new features thanks to the 360-degree camera system, such as the detection of an additional escape or emergency lane when driving at low-speed speed. Lane centering has improved its performance on rural, undulating, or poorly paved roads. The traffic sign recognition assistant can now warn of indications on gantries or temporary construction signs and even now shows conditional signs or red traffic lights. It also improves the emergency braking system or the safety and ease of maneuvering when traveling with a trailer.

Mercedes GLC 2022 test drive

The multimedia system is based on the latest generation MBUX used by the Mercedes C-Class, with a 12.3-inch screen for the 11.9-inch instrument panel for the multimedia system. The three-spoke steering wheel with a sporty design also debuts capacitive touch controls to control multimedia, vehicle functions, or adaptive cruise control. The passenger compartment will gain space, offer better access, slightly more spacious rear seats, improved temperature control, and, above all, exquisite comfort and insulation, as promised by the brand. Mercedes has used a new generation of absorbent foams to isolate the bodywork from the outside and also offers an option of double glazing to limit noise in the passenger compartment.

Mercedes GLC 2022 Always 4matic, Launch Gasoline and Diesel Mhevs, Three Phevs on the Way, Future V6s…

The Mercedes GLC continues to bet big in terms of engines, although the bulk of the offer will be 4-cylinder gasoline and Diesel engines, all of them equipped with a 48-volt hybridization system. The petrol engine is the 2.0-liter M254, with a power of up to 258 hp and 400 Nm of torque. The Diesel is from the OM654M family, also with four cylinders, 2.0 liters, and a performance of up to 265 hp and 550 Nm of torque according to power level or if it is a variant with a single turbocharger or turbos in the double stage. The Diesel has an exhaust gas treatment system using a NOx catalyst, particulate filter, and SCR catalyst. In all cases, the hybridization system is made up of an electric unit integrated into the transmission with 17 kW of power and 250 Nm of torque that contributes to starts or accelerations but does not move the wheels by itself.

Shortly after the launch, the Mercedes GLC 2022 will incorporate into the range two gasoline plug-in hybrids and a Diesel that will debut a new set of batteries with greater capacity, better thermal management, and more performance with which it will be able to cover up to 100 km in fully electric mode. and charge in outlets of up to 60 kWbeing able to complete a charge in just 30 minutes. In this case, the electric motor associated with the thermal one is the fourth generation, it is integrated between the transmission and provides a power of 100 kW and 400 Nm.

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