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Mercedes GLA 2023: First Details of the new compact SUV

Mercedes is finalizing all the details of the renewal of the GLA, its medium-sized or compact SUV model. We advance all its secrets.

Just a few days after officially presenting the new generation of the GLC, now Mercedes-Benz is back with the renewal of another of the key models within its range of SUV-type vehicles: the GLA.

In the case of the GLA, the current generation (the second) was officially presented at the end of 2019, and its marketing began during the first half of 2020. In this way, the representative of the star firm in the compact SUV segment premium is finalizing its next update, a most interesting “facelift”.

In the last few hours, several spy images published on various media websites in the motor world testify that the tuning of the 2023 range of the Mercedes GLA is practically in its final phase. Despite the “camouflage garments” that practically cover the aesthetic changes made, some design modifications can be guessed.

Mercedes GLA 2023

In this way, it is more than likely that the renewal of the German SUV will offer a slightly revised front end with a wider grille flanked by new headlights, which in turn could change their location a bit by being placed in a slightly higher position. . In the rear area, the “camouflage suit” prevents seeing any type of change, but the presence of some redesigned optical groups is to be expected.

Inside and if we refer to the latest major changes made by the German brand in the cabins of its most recent developments, it would be possible that the GLA 2023 could offer on board the new evolution of multimedia information, navigation, entertainment system, and MBUX connectivity. In this way, the incorporation of new screens with a style in the configuration that could have certain similarities with the new generation of the GLC is expected. On the other hand, new materials and new options for seat upholstery would also be welcomed.

Mercedes GLA 2023

Regarding its mechanical offer, everything indicates that no notable change will be introduced. In this way, the mid-premium SUV of the star firm will essentially maintain its gasoline and diesel engines with power levels between 136 and 426 hp (the latter variant corresponding to the AMG GLA 45S 4Matic), in addition to the interesting version 250 e plug-in hybrid with 218 hp of combined maximum performance and ZERO label from the DGT (thanks to its autonomy of up to 63 km in purely electric driving mode ).

At the moment, this is all that we can tell you about the 2023 update of the GLA, whose third new generation is not initially expected until the end of 2024 or at the beginning of 2025.

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