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Mercedes EQS SUV Comes in three variants

With the EQS SUV, Mercedes has presented the first SUV model based on the electric EVA2 platform. There will be three drive variants of the luxury SUV at market launch – more are likely to follow.

The premiere of the EQS SUV was originally planned at the auto show in Beijing – China is likely to be a very important market for the new model. Although the show has been postponed, Mercedes has stuck to its schedule and has now unveiled the EQS SUV at an online event. Although that was only the official premiere. Strictly speaking, the EQS SUV was unveiled a few days ago when pictures of two undisguised specimens appeared on the Internet.

Let’s take a quick look at the facts: At 5.12 meters long, the SUV is exactly ten centimeters shorter than the EQS sedan. In addition, the SUV is a proud 20 centimeters higher and comes to 1.72 meters. The width without exterior mirrors is about the same at 1.95 meters. Important for the battery: The skateboard of the EVA2 platform is the same for the sedan and SUV. The wheelbase is 3.22 meters, which makes room for the twelve-module battery with 107.8 kWh usable energy content. The additional ground clearance of the EQS SUV is solely due to the modified chassis and the larger tires. Rear-wheel steering is installed ex-works. With the standard 4.5-degree steering angle, the turning circle is 11.9 meters, with the optional ten degrees it is only eleven meters.

Since the battery of the EVA2 platform is designed for 400 volts, the SUV model also has a maximum charging capacity of 200 kW – more is not possible at 400 volts with the CCS standard, which is limited to 500 amperes of current. With AC charging, 11 kW is standard, and 22 kW is an option, as in the sedan.

Mercedes EQS SUV

More powerful drives in the EQS SUV

There are a few small innovations in the drives: The basic model at market launch is the EQS SUV 450+. Compared to the 245 kW rear-wheel drive from the EQS sedan, the EQS SUV has 265 kW in the datasheet. The new all-wheel-drive variant EQS SUV 450 4MATIC has the same performance. As with the premiere of the sedan, the provisional top model is the EQS SUV 580 4MATIC. This variant is boosted from 385 to 400 kW. According to Mercedes, the performance plus of 15-20 kW is due to improvements in the drive control – therefore they are not exclusive to the SUV to compensate for the additional weight in terms of driving performance. The sedan will also shortly receive the performance upgrade with the new driver software.

Mercedes has not yet given the ranges of the individual drive variants because the vehicles have not yet been finally homologated. One thing is clear: the SUV will not reach the WLTP specification of up to 784 kilometers for the sedan, but well over 600 kilometers should be possible, at least in the standard test.

Mercedes EQS SUV interior

As with the sedan and the smaller EQE, Mercedes paid close attention to aerodynamics when developing the EQS SUV. The front looks bulkier than in the very flat sedans (also because of the comparatively larger black panel element), compared to combustion SUVs in the five-meter class (with correspondingly large engines), the front end is more compact. As with all vehicles on the platform (including the EQE SUV, which will probably be presented in November), there is no frunk for the charging cable under the front hood – a large HEPA filter is installed there, the hood can (officially) only be used in the workshop to be opened.

Mercedes has not yet given a CW value, but it does list various aero measures: Like the sedan, the EQS SUV has retractable door handles, air curtains on the front wheels, and also comes without roof rails – a roof rack can be anchored in flush-mounted mountings.

Mercedes EQS SUV

Somewhat surprising: The optional running boards on the side also improve the aerodynamics: the developers explain that the air is guided better along with the vehicle away from the front wheel. However, they do not want to convert the meaning of the running boards into range. However, those who only order them because of the aerodynamics should be warned: It is hardly possible to get into the SUV comfortably without brushing your trouser legs along the outside of the running boards. That wasn’t a problem with the spotlessly polished prototypes that Mercedes showed to some journalists in the run-up to the premiere. But probably on the road in the rain and mud.

Speaking of mud: The EQS SUV has its off-road driving program, but it leaves the role of the electric off-road vehicle to the EQG announced for 2024. With the EQS SUV, the air suspension called Airmatic is standard, and the ground clearance is 181 millimeters. Depending on the driving program, the car can be raised to 25 millimeters in Europe. In the USA, up to 30 millimeters are possible due to different regulations.

Mercedes EQS SUV

The focus of the EQS SUV is more on comfort – and that for up to seven occupants. Since the seats in the second row can also be moved electrically, it is relatively easy for people up to an estimated height of 1.75 meters to get in and out of the third row of seats. Mercedes does not specify a size limit, but from a certain height, it gets quite narrow in the third row. In rows 1 and 2, however, you can travel in comfort throughout – in row 2 you can also be well entertained with Rear Seat Entertainment, at the front passenger can watch films and series on their display on the hyper screen (standard from 580 4MATIC) while driving.

Prices are not fixed yet

For longer journeys with luggage, it is advisable to fold down the two seats in row 3 (if ordered): As a seven-seater, the trunk is quite small (195 liters). If you fold down the third row of seats in the seven-seater, it is 565 liters, with the second row folded down 2,020 liters. If you do without the flexibility of the seven-seater, the five-seater configuration can fit between 645 and 2,100 liters of luggage. There is no large storage compartment under the trunk, only a very small one. However, the luggage compartment cover can be stowed there if the car is traveling as a seven-seater. Additional storage space can be created with a roof box.

Or the transported goods come in a trailer: In contrast to the sedans, which are limited to a trailer load of 750 kilograms, the EQS SUV can take up to 1.8 tons on the hook. That’s not quite the 2.5 tons of the BMW iX, but it should be enough for most horse trailers.

Mercedes is not yet naming prices for the premiere of the EQS SUV. As a 450+, the sedan starts at 107,326.19 euros, the EQS 580 4MATTIC costs at least 135,529.10 euros – the SUV is likely to be a few thousand more. Mercedes does not want to confirm whether there will also be an EQS SUV 350 with the 90.6 kWh battery. But AMG offshoots are much more likely. For the sedan, the EQS 53 4MATIC+ is available for over 152,000 euros.

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