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Mercedes E-Class 2023: What will (W214) look like?

In this recreation, we preview what the Mercedes E-Class 2023 will be like, the new generation of the Mercedes E-segment saloon that is already in development.

The W213 generation of the Mercedes E-Class is already in the second half of its life cycle after the presentation, last year, of a major restyling. It is for this reason that Mercedes has decided to start working on the development of its successor, the E-Class W214, a model that should see the light of day in two years. Meanwhile, we anticipate what the new Mercedes E-Class 2023 will be like through the recreation that illustrates these lines.

What we know so far is that the German company is already working on the development of the W214. According to our colleagues at Motor.es, this new generation will be lighter and more efficient, but also larger and with a more sporty and avant-garde design. This will be possible due to the direct influence of its older brother, the Mercedes S-Class, which debuted generational replacement last year.

The Mercedes E-Class W213 was presented in 2016 and its update took place in 2020, with a deep restyling that introduced more technology, security systems, a renewed design more in line with the latest Mercedes launches, and a more efficient range of engines with the significant presence of electrified engines. For the new W214, the design will evolve and we are anticipating it with this recreation.

Mercedes E-Class 2023

This will be the new Mercedes E-Class 2023

It will adopt the more modern and sporty design language that the Mercedes A-Class and CLS debuted in 2018. In this way, Mercedes will match the entire range under the same style line. The 2023 E-Class will continue to sport horizontal headlights with a certain wedge shape, albeit thinner and flatter. The front will be higher and the hood more horizontal, while the grille will soften its forms.

Without sacrificing the elegance of a benchmark saloon in the E segment, the new Mercedes E-Class 2023 will be sportier, both front and rear, thanks to the arched shape of the glass surface. Inside there will also be important changes, especially influenced by the new S-Class and its younger brother, the Mercedes C-Class. In addition, the new Mercedes EQS introduces a revolution in the interior of the brand that, in some way, will be reflected in the E-Class.

Mercedes E-Class 2023

The sophisticated MBUX Hyperscreen system will be featured in the E-Class W214 and will feature advanced driver assistance systems to offer Level 3 autonomous driving. It will also offer supercharged four-cylinder engines that debut the C-Class, with mild-hybrid technology. There will still be diesel engines, with a six-cylinder block at the top of the range. 

Meanwhile, the new ‘AMG E Performance’ technology will dethrone the legendary V8 engine from the sports versions. Electrification will play an important role within the range, with plug-in hybrid variants offering autonomies over 100 km in electric mode. The new 2023 E-Class is scheduled to land in 2023, while its estate version, the E-Class Estate, will do so about six months later.

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