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Mercedes E-Class 2023: All the details of the German sedan

Mercedes continues with the development of the new generation of the E-Class, a model that will probably debut at the end of this year.

The current Mercedes-Benz E-Class that is being marketed dates back to 2016 and at the end of this year the star firm plans to present its new generation, which will adopt the internal denomination code W214.

In recent weeks, several prototypes and pre-series units have been “hunted” by the flashes of photographers specialized in spy images, which testifies that the German brand’s engineers and testers are finalizing the fine-tuning of the elegant sedan.

According to the unofficial information that Autopista.es has been able to compile, a large part of the technical structure, the design, and most of the equipment elements of the new generation of the E-Class will be, in essence, features already seen and released in the first place. by the current S-Class, which is why some German media already catalog the 2023 E-Class as a “true scale S-Class”.

Mercedes E-Class 2023


Within the first information on its technical specifications, the new generation of the Teutonic brand sedan will slightly increase its wheelbase to 2.96 m, a fact that, without a doubt, will affect both its total length and its more than likely more space available for the occupants.

Track widths will also be slightly larger. As an option, according to what they point out from Germany, the car can be equipped with a pneumatic suspension system on both axles, in addition to being able to equip the rear steering wheel system.

Mercedes E-Class 2023

About engines, its mechanical range will no longer include eight-cylinder engines and its offer will consist of four and six-cylinder blocks in a line. Specifically, engines code M 254 and OM 654 come with a 48-volt electric or micro-hybrid system. The power of the four-cylinder gasoline engine is up to 272 hp, while the four-cylinder diesel could reach 265 hp.

About the six-cylinder in-line engines, they will have a displacement of 2.9 liters and will belong to the new families M 256 and OM 656 (up to 435 hp in gasoline and up to 330 hp in diesel). About the possible sports versions 53 and 63 AMG, everything indicates that they will incorporate a high-performance hybrid system with the four-cylinder M 139 engine as the backbone and at least two electric motors (one of them acting as a generator). In the best case, the AMG version of the most powerful 2023 E-Class should exceed 600 horsepower and it is to be expected even ranges of one hundred percent electric autonomy of about 100 km.

Mercedes E-Class 2023

In addition to the well-known sedan body version, there will also be a family Estate variant (and even one with certain crossover/SUV touches that should be called All-Terrain).


When it comes to safety, the new EW 214-Class will inherit a lot from the new S-Class, with a Level 3 semi-autonomous driving system. Onboard, new gesture controls and improved voice commands will be included, in addition to the latest evolution of the MBUX multimedia system.

From an aesthetic point of view, the S-Class will also serve as inspiration for the new E-Class, in such a way that on the outside the definitive model will sport a silhouette with very dynamic and elegant lines, with narrower headlights than before and rear light clusters. also smaller in size. The illustration that heads this article by graphic designer Schulte is a good approximation of what the final design of the German saloon could look like.

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