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Mercedes CLE 2023: Engine and Price of the German Sedan

With the Mercedes CLE , Daimler will combine the convertible versions of the C- and E-Class into one series in 2024. Our illustrations show what the new model could look like. This is the current status of information on the engines and the price.

C-Class Cabrio plus E-Class Cabrio will result in the Mercedes CLE Cabrio from 2024. Behind the renaming and combination of two series is a clever move. Since convertible sales are shrinking worldwide and the Mercedes convertible offshoots of the middle and upper classes are too similar anyway, the brand with the star quickly invents a new category. In the future, the CLE nomenclature will include a two-door coupe and the aforementioned cabriolet.

They will all fight against the German premium competition like the BMW 4 Series and Audi A5. With the change, Mercedes can use the niche between the C and E classes for other designs, satisfy convertible fans and save money with the discontinued open-air models. We expect Mercedes CLE Cabrio and Co. 2024 with the launch of the new Mercedes E-Class. The open four-seater is a first-class eye-catcher, capped by a thickly lined fabric roof.


The E-Class lends its technology to the CLE consortium. There will not be a fully electric variant, but there will be plug-in hybrids with an electric range of up to 100 kilometers. Whether the Mercedes CLE 2023 will also be partially electric remains to be seen. The majority of the drives will be hybrid four-cylinder engines. Thanks to the 48-volt electrical system, the car can recover braking energy and coast, i.e. it can coast with the combustion engine switched off depending on the situation, saving fuel.

Mercedes CLE 2023

For export markets such as the coastal states of the USA, the well-tuned, highly cultivated 3.0-liter straight-six turbo petrol engine (currently 367 and 435 hp) should also be on board. The Mercedes CLE 2023 may also adopt the optional air suspension and rear-axle steering from ZF.

Mercedes CLE 2023 Price

In terms of cost efficiency, the Mercedes CLE 2023 should also take over the cockpit of the new E-Class: A large display will cover almost the entire surface of the dashboard. The modern MBUX multimedia system, in turn, offers numerous personalization options. The AI ​​analyzes routes driven, favorite radio stations, playlists, and temperature settings.

Mercedes CLE 2023

The MBUX uses this data and adapts to the crew’s habits, for example by activating the ambient light or activating an optional massage function. And the voice control should also be further modified. When the Mercedes CLE Cabrio celebrates its market launch is currently just as speculative as its price. Here, the current E-Class Cabrio should cost around 61,320 euros.

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