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Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain 2022: all the data and photos

Coming soon, the commercial range of the Mercedes C-Class will welcome the original All-Terrain bodywork, a version with which the German firm intends to offer a practical vehicle ideal for families with more adventurous spirit.

In the gallery accompanying this article you can appreciate the noticeable design differences between this new C-Class All-Terrain and the version on which it starts, the Mercedes C-Class Estate (station wagon). In addition to the more than obvious aesthetic differences, there are another series of details that distinguish them. In the case of the new All-Terrain, it incorporates a specific suspension system and a body higher off the ground (40 mm more).

In terms of design, hallmarks of the new C-Class All-Terrain They are embodied with a new front grille, protection pieces around the perimeter of the body (front, back and on both sides), underbody protectors and plastic coating for the wheel arches, among other details. differentiators.

Mercedes C-Class All Terrain 2022 15

The outer dimensions they also indicate a slightly larger size of this All-Terrain compared to the C-Class Estate, with a length of 4,755mm (+4mm) and 1,841mm width (+ 21mm). The alloy wheels are also different in this version with an adventurous spirit, being able to offer various designs with diameters ranging between 17 and 19 inches (as standard it incorporates 225/55 R17 size tires and as an option you can choose ones of sizes 245/45 R18 and about 245/40 R19).


Like the rest of the C-Class range, the new All-Terrain offers vSeveral driving modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual), although it adds two new specifically named with the names Off Road and Off Road +, the latter to travel through the most difficult terrain by having associated the hill descent control system (DSR).

Mercedes C-Class All Terrain 2022 18

One of the interesting technologies in its equipment is the Digital Light matrix headlight system, which additionally adds a special off-road light so that the driver can detect obstacles in advance. This light comes on when the off-road driving mode is selected and is active up to 50 km / h speed, at which point it turns off automatically.

To further enhance his more adventurous spirit, the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system It is standard, a system that at certain times can send up to 45 percent of torque to the front wheels if necessary. The exchange rate in all cases is a nine-speed automatic.

Finally, on a mechanical level, the announced engines are the 204 hp C 200 petrol and 200 hp diesel 200 d, both propellants to the 48V light microhybridization system, which allows them to obtain the DGT ECO environmental label.

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