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Mercedes B-Class 2023: First Details & Photos

Overshadowed today by SUVs, the Mercedes B-Class, one of the last champions of the minivan, will be renewed following in the footsteps of the new A-Class. That’s how it will be….

The Mercedes Class B does not have it easy in the market. Not today. With the proliferation and the derived tastes towards the SUV, even its manufacturer has ended up cornering this model among new crossover proposals such as the Mercedes GLA or GLB. Its commercial future does not augur great hopes, which does not mean at the moment that the German brand is going to abandon its commercialization.

On the contrary, Mercedes is going to renew its new B-Class in the coming months, which could already be released on the market at the end of this year. Its third generation was launched in 2018, sharing the base and components with the Class A, CLA, and GLA. Now, in the middle of its life cycle, the family car will have an update that, yes, will not be too deep.


The first images of the new 2023 B-Class have already been leaked on the Internet, rolling as tests but with the bodywork still camouflaged. These first snapshots, however, already point to slight aesthetic differences, taken from the new Class A and that will fundamentally affect new optics, grille, and bumpers.

Mercedes B-Class 2023

Inside, already very modern, the new Mercedes B-Class did not need a very deep review either, and this will not come either. Already with digital instrumentation and a large central information and entertainment screen, the atmosphere is very technological and sophisticated. Therefore, only new steering wheels and finishes, as well as unprecedented graphics in its digital instrumentation, will fundamentally mark the differences.

Under the hood, we shouldn’t see any big changes either. The current range of the Mercedes B-Class starts with a 135 hp 1.3 petrol engine, in its B180 version, while the diesel boasts the B180d, with a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 115 hp.

Mercedes B-Class 2023

Already above, the Mercedes B-Class has its B200 version, also with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine but with 163 hp, and with the B200d variant, with proposals for 150 and 190 hp of power and consumption starting from just 5.1l/100km.

Especially interesting is the B250 e plug-in hybrid version, which combines a 158 hp gasoline engine with a 75 kW electric motor, equivalent to 100 hp. In total, it produces 218 hp and homologates a 100% electric autonomy that is already very close to 70 kilometers.

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