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Mercedes A-Class 2022 Review, Photos & Engine Range

This will be the Mercedes A-Class 2022, the restyling that the German compact will suffer and that will arrive next year. We show it to you in this exclusive preview.

In 2018, the second generation of the Mercedes A-Class was launched as the compact model we know today (previously, the A-Class was an urban vehicle). It introduced a multitude of new features and positioned itself as one of the benchmarks within the compact segment. Now, the signature of the star is preparing to launch the Mercedes A-Class 2022 and we bring you an exclusive preview.

Mercedes launched a series of A-Class test prototypes on European roads at the beginning of the year. In this way, engineers can fine-tune the vehicle before its presentation takes place, testing each novelty and technology that the model introduces.

New A-Class 2022 Design

The restyling of the Mercedes A-Class 2022 will arrive four years later, after the launch of the current generation of the compact. It will be accompanied by a series of discreet and subtle changes at the aesthetic level, an update to the infotainment system, and a series of changes in the range of engines, according to our colleagues at Motor.es.

Based on a series of spy images, today we bring you this recreation of the appearance that the renewed A-Class will have. The model will soften the end of the LED headlights that go into the fins, changing the grill slightly. 

This grille will have a specific look depending on the finish chosen, but the AMG Line version will have a panel full of small chrome stars that will flood the entire piece. The bumper will feature a more sporty style, with larger air intakes.

Mercedes A-Class 2022

At the rear, meanwhile, the Mercedes A-Class 2022 will also receive some changes, such as revised drivers that will maintain their shape, but change the light signature; as well as a rear bumper that will show off an evolved look.

Meanwhile, no major changes are expected inside the A-Class 2022 beyond adopting the latest generation of the MBUX infotainment system. However, it will be one of the first Mercedes models to synthesize the equipment, eliminating some of them due to the microchip crisis, while others will go into specific packages.

Mercedes A-Class 2022 Engine

Finally, the range of engines will undergo some important changes. Daimler is phasing out the presence of engines developed in collaboration with Renault. After dispensing with the 1.5 dCi (A 180 d) and launching a 2.0-liter 115 hp block, it is the turn of the 1.33-liter engine that is available with 136 and 163 hp (A 180 and A 200).

In its place, there will be a 2.0-liter engine with 48-volt mild-hybrid technology, of which we still do not know what the power levels will be, but there should be two to supply both versions, which are also among the best-selling within the A-Class.

No changes are expected in the plug-in hybrid version, the A-Class 250 e. It will continue to deliver 218 hp of power and will be able to travel up to 73 kilometers on a single charge, a figure that makes it a leader in its segment.

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