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Mazda CX-80 Seven-seater SUV is Coming

The Mazda CX-80 is part of a model offensive from Hiroshima from 2022. The SUV is coming to Europe together with the smaller CX-60 and is introducing the new in-line six-cylinder and the new plug-in drive here. We already know about the price and the engines.

With the Mazda CX-80 the brand from Hiroshima is expected to have a new flagship for Europe from 2022. The SUV is coming onto the market as a seven-seater and should therefore clearly outperform the largest SUV in Germany to date, the CX-5, in terms of space and external dimensions. Like the Mazda CX-60, which is also new, the SUV is based on Mazda’s new “Large Platform” for larger mid-range and luxury vehicles.

In the coming years, the crossover models CX-70 and CX-90 will also be launched on this platform in the USA; a European launch is not yet planned. With the CX-80 and the new platform, Mazda is also breaking new ground in terms of drive technology: the Japanese will also be offering a fully-fledged plug-in hybrid for the first time, as well as diesel and petrol in-line six-cylinders with rear-wheel drive and 48-volt mild hybrids -Technology.

Up to three new electric models are to follow by 2025, but full, plug-in and mild hybrid cars remain the focus of the Japanese. So far, however, the brand has been reluctant to provide more detailed information about the engines of the Mazda CX-80.

Mazda CX-80

What the Mazda CX-80 should look like is also not yet known to the public. The recently presented CX-50 could probably give a subtle foretaste here: It probably stays with the typical Mazda face with narrow headlights and a wide grill emblazoned in the middle of the vehicle front – only sharper than known from previous models. The new seven-seater SUV may inherit the CX-9, which is not sold in this country.

Mazda CX-80

Mazda CX-80 Price

The Japanese also do not give any details about the price. With more space and prestige from new drives, one thing is certain: the SUV should cost more than a CX-5. This starts with the 165 hp petrol engine at 28,290 euros. The Mazda CX-80 could be officially presented as early as 2022.

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