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Maserati Grecale: Brand’s First Electric SUV Revealed

The all-new Maserati Grecale was unveiled on March 22nd. The manufacturer’s new SUV has it all. We have pictures and information for you. Sporty, chic, and equipped with Italian temperament: This is the brand new Maserati Grecale. With the brisk mild-hybrid crossover, Maserati is launching the second SUV in its company history after the Levante.

  • New Maserati Grecale presented
  • Equipment lines GT, Modena, and Trofeo
  • Digital cockpit in the super sports SUV
  • Almost no physical switches inside
  • Equipment-bound hybrid engines with up to 530 hp
  • Acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds
  • Prices expected from 60,000 euros


From the outside, things have to be hot on the outside of a sporty, chic Italian: the mixture of off-road design and curves that are both gentle and crisp suits the Maserati Grecale immensely. The image of the hybrid SUV is dominated by the typical Maserati trident, which is not only embedded in the massive radiator grille but is also highlighted by its dark color.

Of course, the trident at the front is not intended to convey the menacing message “If you don’t move out of the way, you will be impaled” – the fact that the Maserati Grecale is serious is also shown elsewhere in its sophisticated design language.

Maserati Grecale

It shows a broad chest, for example, on the flanks, where under the designation of the equipment variant three small air intakes are waiting for the wind to blow against them. They probably don’t offer any significant aerodynamic advantages, but in their triple execution, they are a clever homage to the trident.

Probably unintentionally, the Grecale is reminiscent of a Ford Puma – why, you ask? Because the headlights have a silhouette similar to that of the compact SUV from Ford. As expected, the headlights emit light at the push of a button, but where there is light there is also shadow: As with the Ford Puma, the lights emphasize the sporty claim, but give the impression less of a nimble big cat and more of a bulbous pufferfish.

Maserati Grecale

Anyone who has had enough of looking at the front of the Grecale is probably making a pilgrimage towards the rear: on the way, viewers are asked with a small trident between the rear doors and the trunk lid not to forget that they are here with have to do with a Maserati.

The conclusion of the Grecale is the boomerang-shaped light signature, which can elegantly conceal the transition between the tailgate and the flanks. The rear part of the Grecale looks like it is made of one piece and makes the entire vehicle look more massive.

Maserati Grecale interior

Maserati Grecale Interior

Anyone who thought that the Grecale was a dazzler and only seduced the onlookers: inside to then scares them badly from the inside, was far from it – the interior of the Italo sports car SUV is just as sporty. The Grecale provides irrefutable proof of its racing ambitions in the form of the tactile steering wheel with paddle shifters and in the form of the comfortable seats, which in the Trofeo trim level look incredibly comfortable from afar.

With these amenities, the interior designers of the Grecale have managed to make the dashing interior look homely, despite the metal inserts that seem a bit cold here and there. So once the body has been laid comfortably, you still have to learn how to operate the SUV: This is done using a 12.3-inch central touchscreen and requires a bit of practice due to the wide range of options.

Maserati Grecale

For better usability, Maserati has planted an 8-inch screen under the larger display – a subtle incline makes it easier for the free hand to look for and ultimately find the desired functions.

The digitization trend is also continuing behind the steering wheel in the form of a fully digital instrument cluster. This provides all relevant information about the vehicle.


Modernity is also part of the program under the bonnet: Whether you want to speed down the streets with 300 hp in the Grecale GT or 330 hp in the Grecale Modena, you have no other choice than a 48-volt mild-hybrid engine. This technology keeps the SUV’s thirst for petrol in check to some extent.

Of course, there are more horses too – if you want the full drone, you can treat yourself to the Maserati Grecale in the Trofeo variant with a 530 hp V6 engine. Speaking of drone: We mean that quite literally here because the brute unit roars properly and sounds like a super sports car. The 3.8 seconds that the Grecale needs to go from 0 to 100 km/h can also make an impression. Maserati has not only created an elegant SUV, but also a thunderous sports car.

Maserati Grecale Price & Start Of Sales

So far, Maserati has been reluctant to give an exact date for the start of sales of the Grecale. All that is known is that the model should be made available in the second half of 2022. In addition, the Italian car brand has a fully electric variant called Maserati Grecale Folgore in the starting blocks – but potential buyers will have to wait until 2023.

The bill for a stylish, sporty SUV like the Grecale, which is also powered by mild hybrid technology, will certainly not only be peanuts: the price for the two weaker engine variants will even out between 60,000 and 70,000 euros. Anyone who prefers to use the higher horsepower infusion will probably have to shell out around 115,000 euros for the 530 hp Grecale.

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