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Lucid Air hits 304 kW in first 0-100% fast charge test

One of the boasts launched to the public by Lucid Motors with its brand new Air, announced that its electric saloon would bring with it the title of the electric car that would charge its battery faster.

Once the first deliveries of the Lucid Air Dream Edition began, a car that has become one of the references in the premium segment, the American medium InsideEVs has been able to confirm that the Air It is indeed the fastest electric vehicle to recharge its battery available today.

To verify this, one of the testers on the portal has videotaped the fast charging a Lucid Air from 0 to 100% of its battery, recording the entire session in the recording. This video shown below is the first one where all the load curve from start to finishas well as the quantity total kWh delivered by the charging point.

Charging the Lucid Air

For the first time, the North American media has been able to verify what the load is like in a vehicle capable of accepting more than 300 kW of power, when connecting the socket to the charging port of the Air.

Although this important power is only transferred during the first few minutes, when recharging begins, journalists have been able to see how the maximum rate reached 304 kW.

With a 118 kWh battery, according to Lucir Motors engineers, the battery’s charge capacity is 100% real. For this reason they always advise charging up to 80% of it to users.

The author of the test wonders how, if the battery allows to use its 118 kWh, when recharging the charger it indicated that it had supplied 134 kWh in total. Lucid Motors’ response was that the ‘surplus’ corresponded to losses during the battery power recovery process.

Fun facts

Lucid Air

From the middle they explain that: «The higher the load rate, the more heat is created and the load losses will increase. Also, to keep the battery and components cool while charging, the cooling system and fans were flying, which is normal for all electric vehicles while charging quickly in DC. The energy used to run these systems is dispensed to the vehicle, so you have to pay for it, but it runs out while charging«.

Based on these numbers, the Loss rate amounts to 13% during an Air recharge It uses a 900-volt battery, allowing it to accept more power than electric vehicles that use a 400-volt battery system. For this reason, in the video you can see how a maximum charge rate of more than 300 kW is achieved.

Loading time

Fast charging like never before seen, and the spectacular efficiency of the Lucid Air, make these cars the industry benchmark.

To add more than Adding more than 482 km of autonomy took only 22 minutes.

Loading time Load power State of charge total kWh EPA Estimated KM Added
5.5 minutes 282 kW twenty% 26 kWh 167 km
12 minutes 210 kW 40% 53 kWh 334 km
22 minutes 133 kW 60% 80 kWh 502 km
37 minutes 84 kW 80% 107 kWh 669 km
122 minutes 4 kW 100% 134 kWh 836 km

Video of fast charging electric car test

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