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Lotus Eletre: Electric sports SUV Revealed

Now the time had come, on the evening of March 29, Lotus presented the Eletre. The electric SUV is the second of four new electric cars that have been announced. 

At Lotus, the future will be electric. By 2026, four new e-cars are to come onto the market. The super sports car Evija was introduced last year – but now it’s the turn of an electric SUV: the Lotus Eletre.

  • Lotus electric SUV Eletre celebrates premiere
  • Bold, progressive design
  • Up to 600 hp power
  • 350 kW charging power possible
  • Up to 560 kilometers range
  • Very aerodynamic look
  • Market launch expected for 2022

Exterior design

Exotic, futuristic, bold – these are the words of Lotus himself that describe the design of the Eletre. What is very striking is that there has been an enormous focus on aerodynamics, and the design is subordinate to that. It doesn’t have to be bad, but it takes some getting used to. With a length of 5.11 meters, a width of 2.23 meters, and a height of 1.63 meters, it is reminiscent of a sports car.

Eletre is Hungarian and means “come to life”. That seems to suit Lotus because this model marks the beginning of a new era for the sports car manufacturer.

Lotus Eletre

If you press the button on the key, the flush-mounted door handles extend, the lighting runs through a short sequence and the grille “breathes” – whatever that means. The design features a forward-facing cabin, a long wheelbase, and very short overhangs. Overall, the SUV is very flat and looks more like a sports car on stilts than a real SUV.

The design has also been subordinated to the element of porosity. This comes from aerodynamics and says that air not only flows under the car but also through it. That was already assumed with the Lotus Evija and the Eletre is inspired by it. You can see it under the leading edge, where the air is channeled out of the hood through two vents, in front of and behind the wheel arches and around the D-pillar. Range and speed will benefit from this.

Lotus Eletre

In general, the design is very angular and distinctive. Below is the active grille, made up of a mesh of interconnected petals in a triangular shape. The slats are closed when the car is at rest, allowing it to breathe while driving.

The black areas are all made of carbon fiber, the body panels are made of aluminum. There are no classic exterior mirrors, they are replaced by an Electric Reverse Mirror Display (ERMD).

Lotus Eletre

Lotus Eletre Interior

Inside, high-quality materials are used, after all, you want to offer customers an extraordinary experience. Four individual seats are available, as well as a more traditional five-seat layout. A panoramic glass sunroof is installed so that the interior is light and spacious.

The topic of sustainability is also not neglected, both in the choice of materials and in the selection of suppliers. Hard-wearing microfibers and a wool blend are used for the interior. Here you have 50% weight savings compared to leather. The hard materials are all made of carbon fibers assembled from scraps and thus recycled.

Lotus Eletre

The cockpit is fully oriented towards the driver and the high center console is again inspired by the Evija and Emira. Overall, you feel comfortable in the Eletre, because the composition of the materials and the layout help to convey a sense of security.

Saving weight is in the spirit of Lotus. This is also reflected in the instrument panel. Here the wing has been removed from the middle part. There is no shortage of shelves either. There is also a storage compartment in the center console with a wireless charging station, two cup holders, storage areas in the doors, and behind the chairs. A so-called Frank is also there, 77 liters fit in here and in practice, it is used for the charging cable.

Lotus Eletre

Engines and handling

The Lotus Eletre will be available in three versions, all with four-wheel drive. The battery capacity should be over 100 kWh, the power up to a maximum of 600 hp. It can be charged with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, so the vehicle is fully charged again within 18 minutes.

The range is given by Lotus with a maximum of 560 kilometers.

Lotus Eletre: prices and launch

The premiere of the Lotus Eletre took place on March 29th. Exactly when the electric SUV will come onto the market is still open – as are the prices.

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