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Lexus TX: Everything we know about the premium SUV

Lexus is working on a new big SUV TX above the RX, which aims to compete with the Mercedes GLS and BMW X7 from 2024. This is all we know.

With an already extensive range of SUV models made up of names such as the Lexus UX, NX, and RX, Lexus intends to continue to nurture that family with new members. One of the next to arrive in the already presented 100% electric Lexus RZ crossover that we discovered recently, but the Japanese firm is already working on a new large SUV even larger than the current Lexus RX, to compete in that club of luxury models currently starring models like the BMW X7 or the Mercedes GLS.

Its name will be Lexus TX, and it will be, so to speak, the premium brother of the Toyota Highlander, which is currently the largest Toyota SUV available in Europe. Although in this case there is more talk about its expanded Grand Highlander variant, which is expected to join the family in 2023 – although it remains to be seen if it does so in Europe.

General characteristics

In this way, Lexus wants to offer a model with up to 8 seats that are even larger than the Lexus RX L, which of course will bet on luxury with variants that also have fewer seats and more interior comfort.

Lexus TX

Thus, this TX aspires to be between the Lexus RX L and the LX that is marketed in the United States -based in turn on the Toyota Land Cruiser-, but for what it drops, it will already bet on a more dynamic design that attracts a younger audience.

Of course, at a mechanical level, Toyota’s famous hybrid technology will not be missing, especially if the Japanese firm plans to bring it to Europe, although details are unknown at the moment.

Lexus TX

Range, prices, and launch of the Lexus TX

Its arrival, it seems, will take place in the year 2024, specifically half a year after the future Grand Highlander does, and it will take place as expected in the United States, at the renovated plant in Princeton, Indiana.

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