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Lexus RX 2023: Debut with new design & New Interior

Lexus introduced the new RX on June 1st. The 5th generation of the Lexus RX has been presented and shows an elegant and dynamic vehicle with electrified drives.

  • Lexus RX celebrates its premiere
  • Three electrified versions
  • “Spindle body” as a new design language
  • Intuitive interior


The new Lexus RX has been completely redesigned and is set to open a new chapter. The RX is the manufacturer’s best-selling car, and it should remain so in the new model generation. Therefore, a new design language has been used, which includes the so-called “spindle body”. The integration of the spindle concept in the entire front of the vehicle should make the Lexus RX immediately recognizable as such.

Dynamism, elegance, and self-confidence are the three keywords that can be used to describe the RX. The design is dynamic and present. With the spindle body, the radiator grille has been better integrated, and the feeling of electric power and a low center of gravity should be conveyed.

The headlights have become more compact and sharper, and the air intakes a little wider. In addition, the hood and wheelbase have been lengthened, but the roofline has been lowered somewhat. The distinctive black rear pillar that makes the roof appear to be floating appears more three-dimensional in the new RX.

Lexus RX 2023

The LED headlights are slimmer and more horizontal, and the design of the daytime running lights is L-shaped, contributing to a powerful look.

Single-row taillights underline the shape of the RX, and the newly introduced Lexus logo on the tailgate makes the SUV very modern.

To underline the sportiness of the RX, the F Sport version has an improved grille and aerodynamic bumpers.


For Europe, Lexus offers the RX in three different variants – all are electrified.

In Western Europe, it is primarily the RX 450h+ that is expected to generate the bulk of sales. The plug-in hybrid should win the hearts of customers with its efficient technology.

Lexus RX 2023

The RX 350h is a hybrid intended to be an alternative to small-displacement diesel and petrol engines. If you want more power then the RX 500h is the choice, as this is the manufacturer’s first turbocharged hybrid and it comes with an all-wheel drive.

Here is an overview of the individual engines:

  • RX 500h

This hybrid is very powerful and is the manufacturer’s first performance hybrid. A 2.4-liter petrol engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic. The power is 371 hp and the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h takes 5.9 seconds.

  • RX 450h+

The 450h+ is the first plug-in hybrid available as an RX. The power is 306 hp, which is gained from a 2.5-liter petrol engine and an electric motor. The battery has a capacity of 18.1 kWh and an additional electric motor at the rear creates all-wheel drive. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds. Around 65 kilometers are possible purely electrically with one charge, and fully electric driving is possible up to a speed of 135 km/h.

Lexus RX 2023
  • RX 350

The stronger of the two 350 models is this one. It delivers 279 hp and is offered exclusively in Eastern Europe. The 2.4-liter turbo petrol engine is mated to an 8-speed automatic.

  • RX 350h

Last but not least is a self-loading hybrid. The RX 350h comes with a 2.5-liter self-charging hybrid engine and delivers 245 hp. This variant is intended to be an alternative to diesel vehicles because it is efficient and has a small displacement.

Lexus RX 2023 interior

Lexus RX: interior

Everything in the interior should be as intuitive as possible. You want the driver-centric cockpit to allow the driver to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel for maximum safety. To have a cockpit that is even more geared toward the driver, care has been taken to ensure that all information sources such as multimedia screens, information displays, head-up displays, etc. can be read with minimal eye and head movements.

A new feature in the cockpit is the 14-inch touchscreen, which is designed to further enhance the driving experience. The latest multimedia platform with Hey Lexus Smart voice recognition and the Lexus Link app is also installed.

Lexus RX 2023

The RX is equipped with high-quality materials such as leather or suede. Otherwise, the designers have tried to keep the interior minimalistic. A highlight is the possibility of a completely vegan interior. This is the manufacturer’s response to the growing demand for animal-free materials.

Lexus RX: prices and launch

The new Lexus RX was presented to the public on June 1st. It is not yet known when the market launch will be. The prices have not yet been communicated either. The current model costs 64,650 euros, we expect a small price increase for the new model.

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