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Lancia Stratos: the brand anticipates the rebirth of its legendary sports car, now converted into an electric car

Lancia will soon return to the European market after five years operating exclusively in Italy. The transalpine firm, belonging to the Stellantis group, aims to compete in the premium sector with a highly electrified range that it will deploy over a period of four years (2024-2028). Its first model of this new era, the Ypsilon utility, will be manufactured in Figueruelas (Zaragoza, Spain).

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, has given Lancia ten years to be profitable. One of the keys to achieving this will be its distribution network, since it will bet on a direct sales model in which dealers will act as simple agents. Besides, will boost online sales and will share showrooms with Alfa Romeo and DS.

Its European reconquest will begin with Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France and Switzerland. In total, it will deploy 100 distribution centers in 60 of the main cities of the old continent. In our country, the chosen cities will be Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Madrid, Seville and Valencia. It is planned that between 5 and 7 locations will open initially.

The three models announced by Lancia so far (the aforementioned Ypsilon, the crossover Aurelia and the compact Delta) will use the group’s common platforms to reduce costs. The Ypsilon, which will be based on the well-known architecture CMP/eCMPwill be available as a semi-hybrid and pure electric, while the Aurelia and Delta will be exclusively electric thanks to the use of the platform STLA Medium.

Lancia classics with the Stratos in central position

Lancia will be inspired by the design of its most beloved classics

During the recent Lancia Design Daywhich was held at the end of last year, the brand confirmed that its future launches will have an aesthetic inspired by classics such as the Flaminia, the Fulvia, the Beta, the Gamma or the 037. One of the distinctive features of these vehicles will be the use a calender in the shape of a chalice, as well as some round optical groups.

This event was used to reveal the sculpture Pu+Ra Zero, a preview of the new corporate design language. This name, arising from the combination of the words “Pure” and “Radical”, synthesizes the “Progressive Classic” philosophy that the company wants to print on its future electric cars. The Pu+Ra Zero sculpture is loosely inspired by the legendary 1970 Stratos Zero prototype.

Lancia Pu+Ra Zero

The Stratos is one of Lancia’s most remembered classics. Its production version, manufactured from 1973 to 1978, triumphed in the rally world (it won the World Championship in 1974, 1975 and 1976) thanks, among other things, to its wild V6 engine from the Ferrari Dino. Everything seems to indicate that the next Lancia prototype will be inspired by this iconic sports car.

Luca Napolitano, its top manager, has published an image of the mysterious concept car, which will be revealed during Milan Design Week in April. Its black spoiler and round headlights immediately make one think of the Stratos. Get ready for the second Lancia Renaissance event. Stay tuned”.

Although it will be a simple prototype, it is interesting to remember that Lancia confirmed at the time that it was studying the launch of “a two-seater sports car with a historic name”. Taking into account that Alfa Romeo and DS have also shown interest in developing vehicles with similar characteristics, it is possible that the Stratos will return in style as the electric “halo” of the company. And it is that Stellantis already has the ideal base to carry out this project: the Maserati MC20 Folgore.

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