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Lancia Gamma: the name and the first details of the “sportback” electric SUV that will arrive in 2026 are confirmed

After the presentation of the prototype Pu+Ra HPELancia has confirmed that its next electric flagship, an SUV with a body sportsbackfinally it will not be called Aurelia as the first rumors suggested, but instead another denomination with pedigree within the history of the brand will be chosen: gamma.

Like the Ypsilon (2024) and Delta (2028), the new Gamma (2026) will take its name from a letter of the Greek alphabet, thereby maintaining consistency with the rest of the range. Its production will take place at the Italian plant in Melfi, from which the second generation DS 7 will also come out, with which it will share development.

The original Lancia Gamma was an executive saloon (segment E) sold between 1976 and 1984. This advanced car, which was also sold with a coupe body, was characterized by a silhouette fastback of two volumes similar to that of a sports car, a feature that will serve as a link with his heir.

Unlike the classic model, the new Gamma will fall into a lower category (segment D), since Luca Napolitano, head of the transalpine firm, has announced that it will measure approximately 4.70 meters long. Therefore, it will be a rival to the Audi Q4 e-tron and Q6 e-tron, among which it will be located by size.

Lancia Gamma

The Lancia Gamma will use the STLA Medium platform

Napolitano affirms that it will be a sportsback elegant and with character, endowed with a refined and “beautiful” cabin. It will sport some of the stylistic features already seen on the Pu+Ra HPE, see the illuminated Y-shaped grille, while the interior will display the new philosophy home feelingas it will be inspired by the luxurious furniture of the great Italian designers.

The Lancia Gamma will make use of the modular platform STLA Medium, which will debut this year with the new Peugeot e-3008. Therefore, it will be available in single-engine and twin-engine versions; In addition, its offer is probably crowned by a variant of high-performance HF (or rather HF Integrale, since it will have all-wheel drive).

Everything indicates that its battery pack will be made up of NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) cells of ACC (Automotive Cells Company) origin, a consortium made up of Mercedes-Benz, Saft and Stellantis. The maximum autonomy will be located in competitive 700km WLTPsomething that will be achieved in part thanks to careful aerodynamics and a new generation of highly efficient Nidec-developed engines.

Source | ClubAlfa

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