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Lancia Aurelia: All the secrets of the new SUV

The Stellaris Group continues to outline the future of all its brands, and Lancia’s is one of the most ambitious. Objective, revive a historic firm with all these interesting novelties…

Once the future of Peugeot, Citroën, and Opel for the coming years has been clarified, the Stellantis group continues to design the future of all its brands. Some coming to more, and others coming to less, the objective is to make the most of the qualities of each one, valuing the attributes that, without a doubt, each one has with a long tradition.

If just a few days ago we told you about the ambitious plan for Fiat, with the launch of a substitute for the Punto and two new SUVs, today we want to know about Lancia, a historic firm but one that is not going through difficult times.

Today disappeared from most markets, such as Spanish or French, Stellantis has set out to recover all its splendor helped, of course, by electrification. Always recognized for its designs, the brand is already planning the launch of up to three new and important models, which will hit the market between 2024 and 2028. Time to meet them.


And we start with its probably most important novelty… not the first to arrive. But the project deserves it. And it is that Lancia, how could it be otherwise, will launch a new SUV, and not just anyone. According to all the information coming from Italy, this model will recover the mythical name of Aurelia, which has already designated sedans, coupes, and even roadsters. This time it could be paired with a compact SUV, the market segment with the most sales.

Lancia Aurelia

In addition, the base of the new Lancia Aurelia will also guarantee its arrival. And it is that the SUV will take in principle the new STLA Medium platform, called PSA eVMP , which derives from the current EMP2. And what does all this mean? Yes, as you may already be imagining, it will share genes, elements, and structure with the next Peugeot 3008.

Already planned for the year 2026, the new Lancia Aurelia will be produced in the Italian factory in Melfi, together with the next DS 7 Crossback and Opel Manta. Without a doubt, a most suggestive project, which will allow Lancia to have a 100% electric SUV as part of its future strategy called “Dare Forward 2030”. But pay attention, more news is coming.


And it is that, as we have already told you, the new Aurelia will not be the first launch of the new Lancia. That honor will correspond to the new generation of the Ypsilon, another historic model and the only one currently marketed by the brand in some countries, such as Italy. Its renewal will arrive in 2024, in just over a year, and it will also have a guaranteed base: in this case, it will take the architecture of the Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa.

Thus developed from PSA’s CMP platform, the new Lancia Ypsilon will also have a 100% electric variant, as well as micro-hybrid versions with 48V technology accompanying the 1.2 PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine. The great news is that the new Ypsilon will initially be produced in Spain, along with the new Peugeot e-208.

The new Ypsilon will also inaugurate the brand’s new stylistic language, clearly inspired by its past and betting, of course, on elegance and Italian style. It also advertises materials from recycling or sustainable sources.

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