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Kia Niro 2022: First Details & New Photos

Kia finalizes all the details for the premiere of the second and new generation of the Niro, one of its most commercially successful SUVs. Part of your design has already been leaked and it will be.

Kia continues to pursue its ambitious renewal strategy in its range of cars. If in recent months it’s great novelties have been the new generation of the Sportage and the premiere of the one hundred percent electric vehicle EV6, in a very short time the model that will receive all the prominence will be the second and new generation of the, a vehicle that will be presented officially in the coming months and whose initial design has already been leaked by the South Korean blog koreancarblog.

Originally launched in 2016, the Kia Niro distinguished itself from the outset for being a vehicle with a clear ecological aspect, being offered exclusively as a hybrid version, a plug-in hybrid variant, and later with its interesting one hundred percent electric variant (the e-Niro). According to the latest unofficial information to which we have had access, the second generation of the Niro, with internal numbering code SG2, should be presented in society at the end of this year 2021, while its commercialization on European soil would not start until the spring of 2022.

From the point of view of its design, in previous articles, we already anticipated that the source of aesthetic inspiration would be the HabaNiro prototype presented in 2019, speculations that are partially confirmed after leaking the images of what appears to be the definitive second-generation Niro. As we have indicated before, the koreancarblog website has already leaked several images of the Niro MK2, with the body partially covered with the corresponding “camouflage garments”, some snapshots captured in one of the official Kia workshops in Korea from the south.

In these snapshots, you can see design details already anticipated by the HabaNiro prototype with a very dynamic style in line with the image shown by the latest developments from the Asian brand (EV6 and Sportage, among others). Regarding one of the filtered images on how the interior will be, you can already see how the steering wheel in a central position looks like the new company logo that giving it more elegance.

Kia Niro 2022

As expected, the dimensions of the next Niro Mk2 (or SG2) will be very similar to the model still sold in our market, a vehicle that measures 4.35 meters long by 1.80 m wide. The aesthetic touches of the crossover / SUV type will remain and will be very present with an appreciable height of the body concerning the ground, some very marked wheel arches, and a voluminous and robust C-pillar with an appreciable and pronounced slope in its final part. 


Regarding the possible mechanical versions that the second installment of this SUV vehicle may incorporate, everything indicates that it will maintain its three types of technology, that is, non-rechargeable hybrid, plug-in hybrid (or plug-in), and one hundred percent electric (e -Niro).

In the case of the hybrid version not being rechargeable to an external electrical network, the aerodynamic improvements of the vehicle together with various improvements made to the 1.6 four-cylinder petrol engine will allow the Niro HEV 2022 to slightly lower its consumption and emission levels of CO2. This step forward in terms of efficiency should also be the predominant note in the PHEV (plug-in hybrid) version of this model, with internal mechanical improvements and, above all, the incorporation of a battery of slightly more capacity (between 9 and 10 kWh, probably), which would allow it to offer a greater number of kilometers in purely electric driving mode.

Finally, regarding the purely electric version of the model (or e-Niro), everything indicates that it will also incorporate a higher capacity battery (between 65 and 70 kWh), which could provide a range of just over 500 kilometers. However, recent unofficial reports anticipate that this purely electric version of the Niro could disappear in its second generation since it would compete face-to-face with one of the 100% electric models that the brand would be preparing, a vehicle based on the platform. electrical E-GMP. This model could be the next and unpublished EV4, a model that would have dimensions similar to the fifth generation Sportage (around 4.50 meters in length).

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