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Kia EV9: this will be the new electric SUV

After the EV6 will come the new EV9. Kia unveils a preview of its next great electric SUV, an imposing model that will complete the range of the brand offering a new product to date.

If until now he boasted of being Kia’s closest approximation to the premium segment, in that case, represented by a very sporty and exclusive large saloon, in just about 3 years the EV9 will complete the Korean manufacturer’s transition to a much higher market segment. then the current one. And it is that, at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, the company has unveiled the EV9 concept, which already anticipates its next and impressive production SUV.

Not initially planned for before 2024, what is clear is that the new Kia EV9 will join the newly released EV6  as yet another model in its growing family of electric vehicles. And it will do so by building on the new and advanced Global Electric Modular Platform (E-GMP) from the Hyundai-Kia Group, to target a new flagship in the brand.


Its dimensions already anticipate what awaits us: the new Kia EV9 Concept measures no less than 4.93 meters in length, practically what a BMW X5 and almost 12 centimeters more than the current one. Its width also exceeds 2 meters, while the height is 1.79 meters and the wheelbase culminates in a spectacular 3.10 meters.

Kia EV9

With this size, the new Kia EV9 at the moment is also presented with 3 rows of seats and up to 6 interior seats, thus crowning a colossal SUV image with a certain coupe silhouette, but with very marked volumes, for example in the bumpers, and a low center of gravity with which it also promises good dynamism on the road, as well as a practical interior space.


The new Tiger Face digital grille, new areas of air intakes in the hood that are used as a solar panel to recover part of the electrical energy, the retractable roof bars, the 22-inch wheels, or the panoramic DLO wraparound roof are other of its great signs of identity. Inside, a spectacular 27-inch interactive screen, a pop-up steering wheel that tries to offer an extension of the interior space or the different interior environment modes (“Active”, “Pause” and “Enjoy”), capable of adapting the environment to each circumstance to offer more luxurious or entertaining spaces, are some of the surprises that it incorporates.

Kia EV9 interior
Kia EV9 interior

In terms of range or technical specifications, Kia does not advance too many details. The first information points, of course, that the new EV9 will have a minimum of 483 kilometers of 100% electric autonomy and that it can be connected to a 350 kW charger to pass in less than 30 minutes from a 10 to 80 percent charge

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