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Kia EV9 2023: Electric SUV coming to Europe

The time will come in 2023, the Kia EV9 has been confirmed for next year in Europe. This is the new Kia EV9 SUV. It’s just a concept vehicle for now, but it shows you what Kia’s upcoming seven-seat electric SUV will look like when it goes on sale in 2023. Read on and find out everything you need to know about this new electric car …

  • Kia EV9 concept presented
  • Preview of new large electric SUV
  • Electric alternative to the Sorento
  • Might share electrical components with the EV6
  • Seven seater version probably
  • Sales start in Europe in 2023

The new Kia EV9 has been confirmed for Europe in 2023. This concept vehicle will be an electric alternative to large SUVs like the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe. Its design is certainly daring and it promises to be equipped with the latest technology. Read on for everything you need to know.

Kia EV9: exterior design

If you like an SUV that stands out, the Kia EV9 is for you. The boxy SUV appears to be back in shape, with muscular hips and a blunt front end.

As for the front end, Kia didn’t fall into the trap of adding massive grilles for the sake of the grille. Because the EV9 is an electric car, it needs far fewer cooling air vents than a petrol or diesel car, allowing for that clean look.

Kia EV9 2023

Instead of vents, the EV9 has some cool-looking moldings and modern light signatures. It also features retractable roof rails that disappear when not in use to improve aerodynamics.

There’s a solar panel built into the hood that can generate electricity from sunlight when you’re not near a charger. From the side, the EV9 is clean and modern. It has flared arches and prominent creases, as well as the obligatory set of large alloy wheels, which will likely be toned down a bit for production.

On this concept car, the rear gullwing doors open to reveal a pillarless design that allows easy access to the spacious interior. In the rear area, the design is once again very minimalistic. The taillights have a sleek look and the tailgate has interesting contours.

Kia EV9 2023

Interior and infotainment

Stepping inside the Kia EV9, the interior seems just as fancy as the exterior, but it’s unclear how much of that will make it into production.

The dashboard seems to float and is made from interesting-looking materials, many of which are sustainable. The flooring is made from recycled fishing nets and the seats are made from recycled water bottles, reducing the pollution in the construction of the vehicle.

The centerpiece of this cabin is a 27-inch ultra-wide screen that houses both the infotainment system and the digital driver display. All of the vehicle’s functions, including climate control, are housed here, but this may change on the production vehicle.

Kia EV9 2023

The interior of the Kia EV9 Concept has three modes: Active, Pause, and Enjoy. Active mode is designed for on the go, while Pause mode rotates the seats to face each other when parked for a lounge-like experience. In “Enjoy” mode, the third row of seats rotates to face out the tailgate when parked, giving you a leisurely view of your surroundings. As nice as that sounds, this is unlikely to go into production.

Battery and motors

It’s not yet known what powers the Kia EV9, but it’s been confirmed that it’s based on the same fundamentals as the EV6 – and could therefore use many of its electronic parts.

In this case, a 77.4 kWh battery could be used, which should enable a range of almost 480 kilometers.

The Kia EV9 will likely come with dual-motor all-wheel drive. Don’t expect the same insane 585 horsepower as the Kia EV6 GT, though. However, 325 hp (as in the mid-range EV6 models) should be enough.

Kia EV9: prices and the start of sales

The new Kia EV9 is just a concept at the moment, but a production version has been confirmed for Europe in 2023. However, it will cost significantly more than a Kia Sorento with the plug-in hybrid drive or an EV6 in the top equipment.

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