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Kia EV6: why the electric SUV is a before and after in the brand

Surely before this 2021 you already knew some electric cars with the signature of Kia, As the Niro or the e-Soul, for instance. However the EV6 just released this year is, in the words of the South Korean brand itself, the “Kia’s first specific electric vehicle”. What does this mean? That the new EV6 has developed from scratch, from a blank sheet; that is, an existing platform has not been adapted to the requirements of electrical mechanics.

The Kia EV6 is he first model of the Asian firm to settle on the E-GMP architecture, specific for electric vehicles. In this way, Kia has been able to create a very complete SUV So what overcomes the limitations of other electric vehicles in many ways: it promises high-tech details, multiple propulsion configurations, a novel design, dynamism and efficiency at the same time, the first multi-charging system and an ultra-fast charging system of 800 V.

Breakthrough aesthetics for the Kia EV6

A first step in Kia’s transition to the age of electrification”. For him 2030, Kia pretends that its electrified vehicles already represent 40 percent of its global sales, and for this it will launch 11 new electric vehicles one hundred percent over the next 5 years: 7 of them will be based on this specific platform for electric vehicles, the EV6 being the starting point of a medium and long-term strategy. But, what are the advantages of developing an electric vehicle in these conditions?

Next-generation electric SUV

We have been seeing 100% electric vehicles for years, but like this one Kia EV6, which we have already been able to try, none. There are many interesting news that brings the South Korean electric SUV with it to its increasingly competitive segment, and most of them are born thanks to the platform on which it sits. Kia wanted to develop an electric that was not compromised by the current limitations that drag this type of vehicle: they wanted a vehicle with great autonomy, which could be recharged very quickly and, at the same time, had a spacious, technological and elegant interior, without being blamed for boring driving.

KIA EV6 1920x1080 rgb 009

The Kia EV6 raises the bar in all these sections, optimizing each of its sections. For example, it has a weight distribution close to ideal, 53:47, thanks to the distribution of the batteries on the floor of the passenger compartment, which also guarantees a low center of gravity. In its last phase of development, Kia put special emphasis on optimal suspension development, to guarantee high levels of stability, comfort and ride quality.

For example, they have installed innovative hydraulic bushings in the connection of the main frame with the rear subframe, partially offsetting the total weight of this type of vehicle. A specific way has also been developed state-of-the-art damping system, also guaranteeing a certain sporty touch at low frequencies, and at the same time a softer and more comfortable touch at high frequencies. The four driving modes They also help to configure the behavior of the Kia EV6: “Eco”, “Normal”, “Sport” or “Snow” vary the torque delivery map, the steering, the stability control or the energy consuming systems to adapt to the demands of each moment.

Kia EV6

Kia EV6: an interior full of possibilities

The new E-GMP platform on which the Kia EV6 sits allows you to have a cabin with five seats for real adults, thanks to your generous wheelbase (2.90 meters) and the absence of a central tunnel. Kia promises too top quality materials, with the presence of sustainable elements, such as recycled plastics or vegan leather. The boot, for example, announces a cargo volume of 490 liters, although when folding the rear seats the capacity increases to 1,300 liters. The front boot also provides an extra 52 or 20 liters depending on the version chosen.

Even more relaxation? While you are waiting for the Kia EV6 to recharge its battery, the so-called “Special relaxion” seats will adopt a special posture to ensure maximum comfort. At the push of a button, the seats lift and recline in a special arrangement thanks to their light and slim design.

Kia EV6

Kia EV6: multiple configurations and technologies

TO mechanical level, the Kia EV6 also has a lot to say. It is not an electric model without more, with a standard configuration. The modular platform allows you to bet on different configurations, both for power, battery size or traction system. The EV6 will be available in rear-wheel drive and 4×4 versions, as well as with a 58 kWh capacity standard battery or 77.4 kWh extended autonomy battery.

325 hp and 605 Nm power the South Korean electric SUV in the all-wheel drive versions, equipped with two motors, 170 hp or 229 hp in two-wheel-drive configurations (depending on the battery size chosen) and up to 585 hp (and 740 Nm) in the future EV6 GT sports version, which allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds and has an electronic limited slip differential. The electric autonomyaccording to the WLTP cycle, it is 528 kilometers in the best case.

Kia EV6

The Kia EV6 offers 800 V or 400 V load capacities no need for additional components or chargers. You could have 100 km of autonomy in just 4.5 minutes or go from 10 to 80 percent of the battery in 18 minutes. In addition, thanks to the integrated load control unit, The battery can be used to supply energy (up to 3.6 kW of power) to charge, for example, external household appliances thanks to the V2L function. A intelligent regenerative braking system, with six different levels, including the one that allows the car to stop completely without pressing the brake pedal.

The new technological possibilities on board the Kia EV6 are also transferred to its new visual identity, following the new philosophy of “United Opposites”, which in the inside translates into a spectacular double curved screen of 12.3 inches each for the instrumentation and multimedia system. At the level of equipment and driving assistants, it also highlights the advanced front screen system with augmented reality technology, the second generation of the highway driving assistant, the blind spot warning system, the driver fatigue detector, the intelligent speed limit assistant, the camera 360-degree vision, the intelligent remote parking system or the safe exit assistant, which will warn and lock the doors if it detects that a vehicle is approaching from the rear.

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