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It’s not Norway. In Portugal, sales of electric cars already exceed diesel and grow by 143% in February

While in Spain electric car registrations are advancing slowly, a 42% growth in February and a sales share of 4.8%, in other markets things are growing much faster. This is the case of Portugal, where last month the registrations of battery electric cars (BEV) have surpassed diesel for the first time, and are confirmed as a force within the market.

According to the data published by our friend Richard Santos Lopes (@richardslopes83) in February of this year Portugal has managed to register a total of 2,592 pure electric cars.

They are less than in Spain by number, but they represent nothing less than the 16.1% of total saleswith a growth of no less than 143% compared to the same period last year. Something that indicates that the registrations of this type of vehicle is still in a growth phase.

And it is not a question of a single month. In the first two months of the year, the Portuguese have registered a total of 4,850 electric cars, 139.3% more than the same period of 2022, achieving an accumulated sales quota of 14% so far this year. One of the highest on the continent.

Another of the most striking data from the sales figures for Portugal is that electric cars with their 16.1% of sales manage to exceed 15.7% of sales of cars equipped with diesel enginesand be well ahead of plug-in hybrids, with 10.9%.

They are even already on the heels of conventional hybrids, which achieve 16.5%, and closing the gap with gasoline, which is the most popular option with 36.3% of sales.

  1. Gasoline: 36.6%
  2. Hybrids: 16.5%
  3. Electrical: 16.1%
  4. Diesel: 15.7%
  5. Plug-in hybrids: 10.9%

By models, Tesla is, as in Spain, the most demanded, with the ModelY as sales leader thanks to its 591 units. He is followed by Fiat 500 with 316 units sold, the late bmw i3with 267 registrations, with the increasingly popular also in this market MG 4which looks to the fourth position with 253 units.

A Tesla that with its 877 units delivered in February, has positioned itself as the seventh brand with the most sales in the Portuguese market, only 12 units behind Volkswagen.

  1. Tesla Model Y: 591 units
  2. FIAT 500: 316 units
  3. BMW i3: 267 units
  4. MG 4: 253 units

And all this at the beginning of the year where sales are usually more modest than in other months, and where, for example, proposed units such as the Tesla Model 3, which are usually delivered in batches at the end of the quarter, have not been registered.

Something that anticipates a very interesting March in terms of electric car sales data in Portugal.

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