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Is another Tesla price crash coming? Up to 14% less in markets like Hong Kong

In recent days we are seeing signs that Tesla is preparing for a new price drop for its models. The first was in the United States, where the reduction in rates reached 9%. Now it is the turn of Chinese territory, where the American manufacturer will make even higher price cuts.

The Chinese media have indicated that the changes in the prices of its range will take place this coming April 15, and in the case of Hong Kong the Model 3 Performance will see how its rate will be cut no less than 14.7%.

For its part, Tesla will also lower the prices of Model 3 Long Range 11%, the Model Y Performance by 9% and the Model Y Long Range by 8.7%. For its part, the cheapest versions of the sedan and the SUV will remain at current levels.

This is expected to allow Tesla to achieve another important boost in terms of registrations, and that is that after the reduction made last January Registrations shot up in the first quarter of this year by 35% in the Chinese market.

If these prices were extrapolated to the Spanish market, this would mean that the Model 3 Performance would go from the current 60,970 euros to cost 52,000 euros. Curiously, the same price that the Long Range intermediate version has right now, 52,400 euros, that with the reduction in China would cost 46,600 euros.

A really very striking figure that would place it at the same level as the cheapest version of the sedan, the Standard, and that would be a blow to its closest rivals, as well as the obligation to have to modify the price of the Model 3 more economic.

Of course, the sales in the markets do not always follow a literal trend, and these depend on the demand for each model and the forecast of new orders.

But it is clear that the direction that Tesla has taken in the short term is to continue increasing volume and offset the drop in prices and the possible loss of margin with more sales. Something that allows you to have a critical competitive advantage that not all brands will be able to follow.

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