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Hyundai presents the production version of the XCIENT Fuel Cell, its hydrogen truck

Hyundai has presented during the ACT Expo (Advanced Clean Transportation Exp) the production version of the XCIENT Fuel Cell, its hydrogen fuel cell truck. The 6×4 tractor shown, one of the first of its kind, falls within class 8 for the North American commercial vehicle market.

“We firmly believe that hydrogen is one of the most powerful and pragmatic solutions to achieve our vision ‘Progress for Humanity’ by developing emission-free mobility as a fundamental pillar for a sustainable society”it states Ken RamirezExecutive Vice President and Head of Hyundai’s Global Commercial Vehicles Division and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Business.

The XCIENT Fuel Cell was originally launched in 2020, racking up almost 6.5 million kilometers driven in Germany, Israel, New Zealand, South Korea and Switzerland. The model presented at the show has two fuel cell systems of 90 kW each and a 476 hp (350 kW) electric motor. Its autonomy exceeds 450 miles (724 km) at full load.

“Our hydrogen fuel cell technology has been an industry first, with a real-world proven track record of efficiency and durability. We are taking advantage of these virtues to continue transforming transport with the incorporation of hydrogen in a wide range of mobility applications, including industrial vehicles, boats and even air vehicles«.

Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell

Hyundai will bet on hydrogen for heavy transport

Hyundai sees hydrogen as the ideal solution to decarbonise the energy-intensive commercial vehicle sector due to its high energy density, which enables heavy loads to be transported over long distances. In front of the batteries fuel cell minimizes downtime through faster refueling.

The Korean firm is confident that, thanks to the support of the US authorities and the entry of more players into the hydrogen market, the total cost of ownership of fuel cell vehicles will drop significantly. Hyundai aspires to foster the development of a clean hydrogen ecosystem by converting waste to energy (Waste-to-Energy)a production system that uses biogas extracted from organic waste (food scraps, manure, sewage sludge…).

“We have been launching hydrogen value chains in various regions for years. Together with our partners, we are making hydrogen mobility a viable solution for our customers. We go beyond the truck itself and include areas such as hydrogen refueling and truck maintenance.”Explain Mark FreymuellerSenior Vice President and Head of Commercial Vehicle Business Innovation at Hyundai.

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