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Hyundai Kona 2023: What We Know About the Small Suv

Hyundai fine-tunes the second generation of the Kona, its small SUV type model. Here are some of the secrets of a vehicle that will be talked about at length…

The Hyundai Kona is one of the key models of the South Korean firm in Europe. Its first generation dates from 2017 and at the beginning of 2020 its range was updated with various changes. Soon, the second generation of this small SUV is already on the horizon, specifically in the spring of 2023, at which time the Asian brand is expected to start selling the Kona II, according to unofficial information to which has had autospias.com access.

The South Korean manufacturer is already in the process of developing and fine-tuning the Kona II, a vehicle that bears the internal designation code SX2. The world presentation of the second generation of this SUV is scheduled for the end of this year 2022 and, among its most relevant novelties, is the more than probable hypothesis that it has a range with different body versions (the “conventional” of five doors in addition to a more “adventurous” one with more aesthetic features and “crossover” type characteristics and a larger and larger family type ).

According to the latest unofficial information that we have been able to collect, the new Kona II will share a large part of the technical genes with the Kia Niro 2022, a vehicle that has been confirmed with engines with hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and one hundred percent electric technologies.

The variety of versions with different types of propulsion (petrol with mild hybridization, conventional hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and one hundred percent electric) and the possible new body variants (five-door, crossover, and family) can catapult sales of the new Hyundai Kona II worldwide, to the point that various unofficial sources of information consider the possibility that the compact i30 could be overshadowed by the second generation of the SUV.

Hyundai Kona 2023

If the different body types are confirmed in the Kona II, it will not be the first time that something similar has happened in a Hyundai-Kia Group vehicle. The most popular and well-known example is that of the Ceed, a vehicle that was born as a compact car in the C segment and that has up to four well-differentiated bodies that, in turn, respond to a wide range of buyers of all kinds. Said versions of the Kia Ceed are the following: five-door or hatchback type, family Tourer, family with ProCeed coupé tints, and the Xceed model (or SUV/crossover type Ceed).

For the moment, this is all we can tell you about the new Kona 2023, a model that promises great and varied surprises…

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