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How many people are interested in an electric car for their next purchase?

For yet another year, the results of the Cetelem Observatory Motor study. Their results allow us to analyze, roughly, and palpate purchase intentions of Spanish drivers, who have seen in recent times how prices have risen and how alternative mobility technology is beginning to be imposed little by little.

According to the 2023 report of the Cetelem Observatory, in which 1,959 drivers have participated, 15% intend to buy an electric car in the next 12 monthsa percentage that remains similar to that of last year’s study.

These future buyers estimate to make a average spending of about 28,618 euros1% more than the previous year.

What autonomy are you looking for in an electric car?

An interesting fact that the study deals with is about the autonomy that these drivers seek in their next electric cars. More than half of those surveyed seek a range of more than 300 kilometers: one in four, specifically, would need between 300 and 399 km, while 18% are looking for between 400 and 499 km and 21 percent already need more than 500 kilometers of electric autonomy.

How many kilometers of autonomy are buyers of new electric cars looking for.

The most conservative in this sense are those who seek sufficient autonomy of just 100-199 kilometers, only 12%, while 16% focus on vehicles between 200 and 299 km.

Researchers from the Cetelem Observatory have also asked about the Main reasons that put drivers back when considering the purchase of an electric vehicle. First is the price too high of these vehicles (66%), followed by the lack of autonomy necessary (57%) and the shortage of charging infrastructure (40%).

Do the respondents believe in the future of the electric car? 57% yes, although the figure has dropped from 70% in the study of the previous year. And another interesting fact: Half of those surveyed were not aware of the existence of public aid to purchase electric vehicles.

In the ranking of the Cetelem Observatory report regarding the intention to purchase your next car, the drivers clearly opted for one technology: that of the hybrids, with 44% of the opinions. They are followed by gasoline cars (22%), diesel (which has fallen from 22 to 17%), electric cars (15%), LPG (2%) and others (1%).

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