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Honda Civic Type R 2023: It will be released on July 20

Honda finalizes all the details of the new and expected new generation Civic Type R, the popular sports version of this compact.

We are probably facing the last super-compact sports car with a combustion engine… we are referring to the new generation of the Honda Civic Type R, a model that will be officially presented in a few days.

To “warm up” the atmosphere a bit, the Japanese firm has shown one of the latest videos of this sports car put to the test on the circuit. In these images, there are no specific details about what its design could be like due to the numerous camouflage stickers that hide what its final image will look like.

Within the breaking news, what Honda has confirmed is the date of the official presentation of its new thoroughbrednext July 21. With this new installment of the sports version of the Japanese compact, continuity is given to a story that has already accumulated 25 years, a quarter of a century in which the Civic Type R has seduced drivers who love exhilarating sensations behind the wheel. In the case of this new version, its arrival on the European market will take place in early 2023.

In parallel, Honda is also going to hold a series of commemorative events for the automotive icon that is already the Civic, a model that debuted on the market a whopping 50 years ago, specifically on July 12, 1972, it went on sale for the first-generation Civic for the first time.

Honda Civic Type R 2023


At the moment, Honda has not published any official information about what the new generation Civic Type R will look like, but the latest unofficial information in this regard indicates that it may be the last of this saga to incorporate a combustion engine.

Specifically, everything indicates that this sports compact will incorporate an improved evolution both at the performance level and at the level of polluting emissions of the well-known 2.0 VTEC Turbo gasoline engine, which for this occasion its maximum performance could be increased above 310 CV.

At the moment, this is the last hour of the new and expected Civic Type R 2023 and here is one of the latest videos published by the Asian firm itself.

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