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Germany wants to register one million electric cars this year, 50% more than the previous year

Sales of electric cars in the main European car market are at full speed, and with no signs of slowing down. This is indicated by the latest report from the Association of the German Automotive Industry, VDA, which estimates that sales of battery electric cars (BEV) will increase this year by 50%, close to one million registered units.

The report mentions aspects such as the increasing demand and production of cars produced by foreign brandswhich are managing to overcome the traditional reluctance of the Germans due to the low capacity of national brands in this sector, which causes extremely long waiting times to receive a unit.

The VDA estimates that 1.33 million electric and plug-in hybrid cars will be registered in Germany this year. 50% more than the figures achieved in 2022.

A market that is clearly leaning towards 100% electric models, which the association estimates will reach 980,000 units. Bad news for European brands heavily involved in the launch of some plug-in hybrids that have begun their commercial withdrawal.

Some sales figures will give pure electric cars 74% of plug-in car sales this yearand that marks a change in trend where plug-in hybrids will go from 34% share last year, to 26% this year.

Among the great protagonists of this positive dynamic, the VDA highlights brands such as Teslawhich is managing to increase its sales thanks to the increase in production at its Berlin plant, which has allowed it to sneak into the Top 10 brands with the highest number of sales in Germany in the first quarter of the yearwith a Tesla Model Y that has been the fourth best-selling car last March.

One million electric cars in Germany that we can contextualize with a devastating fact, and that is Between 2013 and 2022, 1.3 million electric cars have been registered in this market. Something that tells us that in just one year almost as many electric cars will be sold as in the previous 10 years together.

Aspect that makes the objective of having 15 million electric cars on the roads of Germany by 2030 no longer a chimera as it has been cataloged by the country’s press when this objective was presented.

An evolution that, of course, means that the objective of ending sales of new combustion engine cars by 2035 is no longer seen as crazy by the industry, which is seeing how the evolution of sales is exceeding its expectations.

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