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Genesis will face the MINI Cooper with a small premium electric car

Genesis, the premium brand of the Hyundai group, wants to expand its range with a small electric car to rival the MINI Cooper. This model, which would be inspired by the main lines of the prototype Mint Concept of 2019, it would fit into segment B (utility), one of the most important categories in the European market.

“We are looking to expand our model offering. One of the key requests we get, especially from Europe, is for a smaller segment model like the Mint.”stated in a recent interview the head of product planning for Genesis, Mark Choi. “Right now we are trying to [finalizar] the entire lineup.”

“With our capacity growing, and the cost of manufacturing these electric vehicles, the financial aspect is a key issue. Is now the right time or will we wait for the cost of materials to be somewhat more balanced? We are looking for a smaller model for the European market. But the time is yet to be determined.”

Like the Mint Concept, the new model could have an 800 volt electrical system, which would allow it to offer very competitive charging times. It is highly probable that it will be based on the future eM platform of Hyundai and KIA, which can be used in vehicles of any segment thanks to its enormous flexibility.

Genesis Mint Concept

Genesis wants to conquer the European market

“In 2025, Hyundai Motor Group will introduce vehicles with two types of platforms: eM, a platform dedicated to electric passenger vehicles; and eS, an exclusive platform for PBV [Purpose Built Vehicles]»confirmed at the end of last year Paul ChooExecutive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group Electronics and Infotainment Development Center.

“These new platforms are evolving under the ‘Integrated Modular Architecture’ of Hyundai Motor Group, which will lead to further standardization and modularization of core components of electric vehicles, such as batteries and motors, while offering advantages in sectors beyond electric vehicles.”

More than a typical utility vehicle, the Mint Concept was a kind of intermediate step between a hatchback premium and a pocket sports car. If it receives the green light, the final model could take some aesthetic features from the prototype; however, its radical silhouette has few chances of seeing the light. Regarding autonomy, the 360km of the original prototype will surely end up being more, since battery technology has evolved a lot in recent years.

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