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Ford Kuga 2023: All about the new compact SUV

Ford continues with the fine-tuning of the 2023 range of the Kuga, one of the most popular compact or mid-size SUVs on our continent.

Over the last few hours, several spy images of the renewed Ford Escape 2023 (the model equivalent to the Kuga in the North American market) have captured the attention of several American media. These new images once again attest that the oval firm is in the final phase of the Escape/Kuga update.

In the new images – you can see other recreations of the website, in this article -, it can be seen that the renewed Escape / Kuga 2023 will have a light bar on the front that connects the redesigned headlights, to the styling and likeness of the F-150 Lightning pick-up. On the other hand, you can also see a new trapezoidal grille, which also seems to be in a higher position than before.

The aforementioned aesthetic changes have also forced the American manufacturer to relocate its blue oval emblem. Other differentiating cosmetic details include new fog light surrounds and a restyled lower bumper grille. In the rear area, various changes are also expected, but somewhat more subtle.

Ford Kuga 2023

Regarding the interior, initially, no relevant changes are expected, although new materials and new customization options could be welcomed. The infotainment system could indeed be new, with a larger tablet-style screen in the center console, which could reach 13.2 inches in size (much like the 2022 Focus ).

At a mechanical level, everything indicates that the mechanical offer will essentially remain concerning the model that is currently being marketed, in such a way that this average SUV will continue to have diesel, gasoline, conventional hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions, with levels of power between 120 and 224 hp, depending on the variants and chosen technology.

Lastly, when will the revamped 2023 Escape/Kuga be officially unveiled? Various US media assure that it will be during September, a couple of months before its manufacture starts in November.

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