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Filtered: this is the family NIO ET5, a Chinese electric car designed specifically for Europe

Just a few months before its commercial launch, the CHILD ET5 with family bodywork has been leaked through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. This 4.79 meter long model will fit into the D segment (medium sedans), a category in which it will have to face the imminent Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer.

qin lihongco-founder and president of NIO, confirmed at the beginning of the year that this model has been developed specifically for the European market, where the relatives still enjoy some success. “Sedan derivatives are a niche market in China, but in Europe the opposite is true. We don’t see many real sedans in Europe.”

Based on the NT2.0 platform, the family NIO ET5 is equipped with the same propulsion system as the sedan; that is, a set of two engines capable of performing 489 PS (360 kW). According to the leaked information, its top speed will be 200 km/h and it will be able to tow up to 1,400 kg thanks to a retractable hitch offered as an option.

The ET5 sedan is available with two battery packs, one of 75 kWh (70.5 kWh useful) and another of 100 kWh (90 kWh useful), which provide a range of 456 and 590 km WLTP respectively. Due to its worse aerodynamics, the station wagon will possibly homologate a lower range. The cells will be supplied by CATL and CALB.


The family NIO ET5 will be a rival of the imminent Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer

Later the offer should be completed with 150 kWh semi-solid batteries manufactured by the supplier WeLion. At the load level, the ET5 can reach a maximum of 140 kW in direct current, recovering 80% of its autonomy in 31 (75 kWh) and 40 minutes (100 kWh).

On the German market, the NIO ET5 costs €61,900 with the 75 kWh battery and €70,900 with the 100 kWh, rates that should not vary too much in the family version. Customers can also rent the pack, which reduces the price of the vehicle to €49,900. The monthly cost of renting the 75 kWh battery is 169 euroswhile for the 100 kWh the fee rises to 289 euros.

The debut of the family ET5 will take place in Europe in June or July of this year, and deliveries to customers will begin soon after. Although it will also be offered in China, the company hopes that its main market will be the old continent.

Source | CnEVPost

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