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Filtered out! This is the new BMW i5, the brand’s most ambitious electric sedan

On May 24, BMW will present the new i5, the 100% electric version of the everlasting 5 Series. This executive saloon (segment E) will be its most ambitious electric model to date, as it is expected to surpass the current i4, iX and i7 in terms of autonomy, among other things . It will be the last electric BMW to settle on the CLAR multi-energy platform: from 2025, the Bavarians will switch to the Neue Klasse, designed specifically for vehicles of this type.

Despite the fact that there are still five days to go before its official launch, the first image of the BMW i5 has already been leaked to the net, allowing us to know its frontal aesthetics and its side line ahead of time. Its optical groups are reminiscent in their shapes of those of the iX1, while the double kidney-shaped grille has somewhat more restrained dimensions than on the i4 and i7

The profile is more stylized, because the roof lowers more smoothly and the rear window appears to be more inclined. This probably responds to aerodynamic criteria, like the use of recessed handles in the doors. The skirts are painted in black to hide the additional height of the batteries, a solution already seen in other electric cars of the company.

Although The thermal 5 Series will be roughly identical to the i5, will be differentiated through details such as the blinded grill of the electric model. We can also expect bumpers and tires to be specific; In addition, the passenger compartment will surely show off some decorative moldings in blue.

bmw i5

The BMW i5 Touring will arrive in 2024

Our protagonist will be available as a sedan and family (Touring). This last option, which will be added to the range in 2024, it will only be offered in one of its rivals, the Audi A6 e-tron. The rest of the contenders (BYD Han, Mercedes-Benz EQE, Tesla Model S) will be sold exclusively as sedans.

Initially, the i5 will be available in versions eDrive40 and M60xDrive, although other variants could also be added later. According to BMW itself, the 5 Series (and therefore the i5) will combine an agility similar to that of a 3 Series with a ride comfort worthy of a 7 Series. The brand has already confirmed the preliminary consumption data: the eDrive40 It will homologate 16.0-19.7 kWh/100 km in mixed and the M60 xDrive 17.9-21.2 kWh/100 km.

BMW has also announced that in Germany, Canada and the United States it will equip the new highway assistantwhich will allow automatic lane changes with eye activation thanks to the use of an interior camera. When looking in the exterior mirror, the car should initiate the lane change process and make the necessary steering movements and speed adjustments at speeds up to 130 km/h, once the driver has confirmed that he wants to do so and the traffic situation allows it.

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