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Fiat Uno 2023: All the Secrets of the New Suv

Fiat wants to be reborn. The brand has already announced a new car for the B segment, and this could come in the form of an SUV based on the Opel Mokka. And it looks like it will be called Uno!

Between nostalgia and the future. This is how the automobile industry seems to be breathing, taking into account a good part of the news about upcoming launches. The list begins to be endless: Renault has confirmed its new R4 and R5; Opel, the new Manta; Lancia will make the Delta return; Honda, the Integra; Lamborghini, the Countach; Mitsubishi could recover the name Lancer Evo … A true sum and follows which another great classic is pointing out today: the Fiat Uno.

And it is that, according to the first information available and advanced by international media such as Carscoopsthe Fiat Uno could return to the roads, but not in the utility format that we knew, nor with its mythical and longed for Turbo version. No, also following the trend of the rest of the mythical cars that are back, it will return but transformed into a very modern car and, possibly, also electrified.

Return in the Form of an Suv

Fiat Uno 2023

At the moment there is no official confirmation, but Fiat Uno could be the name therefore chosen to name the new SUV of the Italian brand. Because that is already announced: the new Stellantis Group, to which the brand already belongs together with Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, or DS, assured a few months ago that Fiat would launch a new model for the B-segment of utility vehicles in the year 2023.

As confirmed by Stellantis, this model would also become the first Fiat vehicle based on a common platform within the French group. Then not much more information was specified, only highlighting, yes, that the car would be offered with hybrid propulsion systems.

Fiat Uno 2023: Platform and Possible Engines

Fiat Uno 2023 spy shot on test drive

Now, new spy images captured on the Internet already show this possible new model with SUV bodywork, great logic considering the high demand they have today in the market around the world. And what seems already evident also from its features is that it is developed under the group’s CMP platform, from which the new Opel Mokka mainly comes out, with whom it will share a lot of technology and even aesthetic resemblance.

The new Peugeot 2008 and DS 3 Crossback also start from this same architecture, so we can speculate that this future Fiat Punto could have PureTech petrol versions of 100, 130, and 155 hp, as well as BlueHDi diesel of 110 and 130 hp. Of course, a 100% electric variant would also be viable, as the latest 2008, Mokka and DS 3 already show.

Other rumors pointed out weeks ago that the model could be called Punto, replacing the popular utility, but in recent hours the return of the name Uno has gained more strength. In any case, what seems certain is that next year we will start it to know in-depth. An important step for the rebirth of Fiat.

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