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Fiat Topolino 2023: The small car could return

Based on the technical structure of the Citroën Ami, Fiat would be considering the return of the Topolino of the 21st century. Here you have the first data of the new small car.

The Fiat 500, popularly known in its early days as Fiat Topolino or also called Fiat 500 Topolino, was a model built by the Italian firm between 1936 and 1955. Well, the transalpine brand of the Stellantis automotive group would be considering the return of this legendary car.

In information revealed first by Automotive News, the heads of the Italian brand would already be laying the groundwork for the return of the Topolino, a vehicle that should take as its technical basis the entire development and structure of the Citroën Ami electric microcar.

This first information indicates that the new Fiat Topolino could be reserved only for Italy, although it should not be ruled out that it could land in other markets. In Germany, for example, the Citroën AMI is not marketed and instead, the Opel Rocks-e has just been put up for sale, a vehicle that shares a technical platform with the French model. Taking advantage of its technical synergies within an automobile group, the Fiat Topolino could go the way of the Rocks-e and be sold only in those countries where the Citroën AMI is not sold.

Fiat Topolino 2023

On the other hand, several sources from Fiat’s dealer and after-sales service network in Italy dare to anticipate that the next Topolino should offer a more refined interior finish than the Citroën Ami. However, from a technical point of view, the specifications between both models would be similar, with a maximum power of 8 CV and a maximum speed limited to 45 km/h, a fact that restricts the use of the vehicle to a limited area. merely urban.

Like its “cousins” from the Stellantis Group, Ami, and Rocks-e, the new Fiat Topolino 2023 should be manufactured at the Kenitra factory in Morocco. Unlike the German model and the French vehicle, the car of the Italian brand could even incorporate a convertible version.

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